Jul 182012

I recently had to make a sudden trip home to Australia due to the passing away of my mother. Amidst the sadness of the occasion I managed to escape at times to the relative solitude of the national park which borders my family home in Killarney on the Southern Downs of Queensland, or for walks on the outskirts of the town or even just taking the camera out onto the back verandah.

There I encountered the usual suspects but, as always, their beauty and antics served to cheer me up somewhat. Some of the better photos are below.

Next week I return to Australia, during which time I hope to be able to have to chance to photograph some of the more uncommon birds and perhaps even a rarity or two!

Pied Currawong

John Wright

John Wright

John Wright is an Australian wildlife photographer and bird guide based in Kyushu, Japan. John became seriously engaged in nature photography while living in Japan and then Thailand. He returned to Japan in 2008 and has since concentrated on wildlife photography, especially birds. John visits Southeast Asia and Australia regularly, but usually travels within the Japanese archipelago, where he also guides visiting birders and wildlife photography enthusiasts.

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