Oct 172012

I was looking through some images I took on my workshops on the Farne Islands this year. They are such an endearing species I though I would post a few here. The Farnes is a great place to see these jaunty little auks and get great images of them. The season to see them is from May through until the last week in July, it’s quite a short season and it seems to go past very quickly. The Farne Islands has a breeding population in the region of 4o,000 pairs. They will sit as near as a few feet away and when they start to feed their young they give a spectacular show of flying in to the nest site and going straight down their burrow to avoid predators such as herring and lesser black back gulls

I run my workshops at this time. Photographing the puffin can be quite tricky with the puffins being black and white especially on a bright day, it becomes very easy to blow the whites out and get a complete lack of detail in the blacks. I cover this on my workshops along with exposure compensations and tips on how to photograph the birds in flight.

You can see full details here. Gift vouchers available. This would make a great Christmas present for the photographer in your life

Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin

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Ron McCombe

Ron McCombe

Ron McCombe, A professional wildlife photographer, Ron lives in the Scottish Borders. He has travelled around Europe, North America and Canada in pursuit of his photographic goals. He concentrates his photography around the Borders Region of Scotland but travels up to the Highlands and Islands around Scotland running workshops in these areas. An award-winning photographer, Ron won the inaugural Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2010. His work can be seen in books, magazines and newspapers. He is passionate about Scotland and its amazing wildlife and promotes it in his lectures and illustrated talks all over the UK.

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Craig Cudworth

Beautiful shots Ron.

Ingrid Cattley

These are utterly delightful and stunning images.


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