Sep 112017

As we drove through the Amboseli National Park for another morning game drive, we spotted an African Elephant at a fair distance. Our guide pointed out that it was a Tusker and we drove towards it to get a closer look.

As we got closer, we realised that this was a huge male Elephant (below). We got as close as we could possibly get and captured this full frame image of the Elephant walking alongside our vehicle.

We kept taking pictures of the gentle giant as he kept walking alongside our vehicle. But he soon realised that we were not going to go away and he changed course and headed towards the palms. He then reached out and plucked the fresh leaves from the palm trees that were around.

Closest African Elephant sighting in Amboseli National Park

We waited patiently to see his next move and after plucking a couple of those tender leaves, he headed back towards the road. Seeing the possibility of getting a pictures of the Tusker crossing the road, we drove ahead and waited at a clearing that seemed to the probable crossing point. As anticipated he came to the exact clearing in the bushes.

But instead of walking straight onto the road and crossing to the other side, he decided to once again feed on the fresh shoots of the palm trees. We decided it was time to thank our lucky stars for this closest ever yet safe sighting of an African Elephant and move on in search of other game.


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Thomas Suresh Anand

Thomas Suresh Anand

Wildlife in India, experience in pictures - Walk the Wilderness - A blog on wildlife in India where we share our experiences in the various national parks through wildlife photos

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We must preserve and protect wild life in whole world. That must be our mission for next generations who become after us.


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