Mar 242015

Here are some Flower Hill Farm butterflies of 2014 sighted in our gardens.

I have listed all of the butterflies in this collage by families on my garden blog to help readers learn more about these species —

There were more Monarch Butterflies in 2014 than sighted in 2013 in our Western Massachusetts gardens. I was lucky to find a few eggs to raise into butterflies too.

2013 had been a sad year with not one egg discovered in our gardens. The first year in nearly thirty that I did not have the joy of raising and releasing these magical creatures. I always pick the monarch’s host plant milkweed from our paths and search for eggs after I have sighted a monarch in the gardens.

Butterflies of 2014

Monarch Butterfly caterpillar and chrysalis

Monarch Butterfly chrysalis

Monarch Butterfly

Male Monarch Butterfly

With the new report out by the World Health Organization stating that Roundup/Glyphosate “probably” causes cancer, and the already huge outcry of millions against the use of this poison along the migration corridors of Monarch Butterflies, perhaps our EPA, who say they would “consider” the findings of the UN organization, will finally ban this product.

Though the giant Monsanto is already fighting back, I try to remain hopeful and think of ‘David and Goliath’ and wish everyone would speak out against these insane practices. Glyphosate is used in hundreds of other poisonous products too. There may be hope for all of us and the Monarch Butterfly migration along with countless species of wildlife if an agency directed to protect the environment and public actually considers doing so.


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Carol Duke

Carol Duke

Carol Duke is an artist and farmer who has worked with the land on a Western Massachusetts hillside for over thirty years. During this time her land has evolved into a diverse wildlife habitat. Carol features the flora and fauna that live and visit her farm on her website and blog As vital wildlife habitats are destroyed daily, Carol hopes to inspire others to garden for wildlife, while becoming activists for wild places the world over. Her nature photography has appeared in magazines, books and newspapers.

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Carol Duke

Thank you for commenting Jackie. I have documented over fifty species here at Flower Hill Farm B&B Retreat

Jackie Malinowska

Thank you for posting such a wide variety of Butterfly photos!


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