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So June Challenge has begun. If you’re not a Florida birder, June Challenge is a friendly competition among birders. You choose a county and find as many birds as you can in the county during the month of June. June is hot, and migration is pretty much over. I had some time go out yesterday, and a little time this morning.

Osprey Central Winds Park

Highlights so far are seeing a Chuck-Will’s Widow and a Great Horned Owl at the Econ River Wilderness Area and also seeing a Yellow-billed Cuckoo and Bachman’s Sparrow at the Lower Wekiva River Preserve. It was also fun to see a bat crawling up a tree.

I’ve never seen one outside during the daytime before. Ospreys and Great Blue Herons are common year-round here, but it’s still fun to see them.

Great Blue Heron Central Winds Park

Bachman’s Sparrow Lower Wekiwa River Preserve

Common Ground-Dove Lower Wekiva River Preserve

Some Kind of Bat Lower Wekiva River Preserve

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Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons, based in Florida, is a lover of nature, landscape, and wildlife photography. Scott became interested in photography in 2001 when he was given his first SLR camera. When he acquired a telephoto lens, he became progressively more interested in birds and other wildlife. Scott enjoys learning about bird habitats and behavior, striving always to take images that are both beautiful and interpretive. Scott believes photography is a great vehicle to help others to appreciate the wonder for the stuff of earth.

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