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When Matkasur – Tadoba’s dominant Tiger disappeared into the creek, we thought that was the end of the amazing sighting. Our guide pointed out that there was a distinct possibility of him reappearing a little further down the road. This time we positioned our Jeep at the perfect distance and angle from the probable reappearance area. We waited for a few minutes and as predicted Matkasur reappeared. We started taking pictures as he emerged from the Bamboo thicket.

We thought he might hurriedly cross the road given the number of vehicles in the area. But to our pleasant surprise, he stood still giving us a majestic glance. I grabbed the opportunity and composed a picture of him with my new 600mm f4 lens on the D700 setup and made that the feature image (first image) of this post.

On the other hand, Matt, who was visiting the Indian wilderness for the first time, composed him in a gorgeous wider composition (above) with the 70-200mm f2.8 on the D300. Time stood still while we clicked away and after a few precious seconds he slowly walked towards the road. We kept clicking.

Matkasur – Dominant Tiger in Tadoba’s core zone

Matkasur – Dominant Tiger in Tadoba’s core zone

Before Matkasur disappeared into the Bamboo thicket on the other side, he turned and looked at the other Jeep and Matt captured that pose.


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Thomas Suresh Anand

Thomas Suresh Anand

Wildlife in India, experience in pictures - Walk the Wilderness - A blog on wildlife in India where we share our experiences in the various national parks through wildlife photos

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Great shot!

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Very cool pic!

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