May 282017

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service currently is considering the most significant wildlife issue of our time: removal of Endangered Species Act protections from Yellowstone’s grizzly bear population.

This action will trigger a trophy hunting season in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Habitat and food sources for Yellowstone’s grizzlies are being profoundly impacted by climate change.

These bears are the slowest reproducing land mammal in the United States, and opening a hunting season on them while they are already struggling with the effects of climate change would be an arbitrary and capricious action that ignores the best available science, and smacks of reckless disregard for the bears’ well being.

A mother grizzly bear is busy raising her four young cubs

We, the undersigned, are asking Secretary Zinke to direct his agency to maintain Endangered Species Act protections for Yellowstone’s grizzly bears.

Please sign the petition: Save the Yellowstone Grizzly – Stop the Delisting & Stop the Trophy Hunt.

Thank you for your support.

We invite you to share your opinion whether the Grizzly Bear should be removed from the Endangered Species Act? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should the Grizzly Bear be removed from the Endangered Species Act?

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Editorial Comment: The purpose of this poll is to highlight important wildlife conservation issues and to encourage discussion on ways to stop wildlife crime. By leaving a comment and sharing this post you can help to raise awareness. Thank you for your support.


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Tierra Chapman

Our species is long overdue to leave the Dark Ages and join the 21st century with our thinking and our treatment of all non-human beings, especially the magnificent Grizzly Bears who deserve to walk this land in peace, without fear of losing their precious lives to trophy hunters who need to find another way to enjoy themselves other than killing. Shoot with a camera, just leave these bears off the serial killers hit list. Protect the animals at all costs!

Mike Collins
politicians and special interest’s need to start looking elsewhere for the proposals to help balance the federal budget besides selling out our nations wildlife to anyone for any reason as they have consistently done for over 7 years now through every single agency designed or conceived under the notion of preservation for all future generations of north american citizens and the wildlife that keeps the nation wild and alive. because this is unacceptable again on so many levels we know how important the predators really are and that is why we fight so righteously to remove cattle from our public… Read more »
Michele Jankelow

We all know what happens when animals get removed from species agenda protection! As humans we need to protect and take FULL responsibility for animals and their well-being.


Absolutely NO.

Jodi Figurelli


Phyllis Crawford


Anne Grice


Tom Prentiss


Theresa Kemp
More and more wildlife is getting killed off through climate change or human game. Mankind needs to step back and tale a look at the damage it is causing to not only the animal kingdom but also the environemnt. We need to stop destroying everything. Stop trying to manage and rearrange everything. If anything needs to be done, then nurture only. The world doesn’t belong to us, we share it and only for the short periods of time, passingit on to the next generations. Present generations are very selfish and greedy indeed and lacking in common sense.
Joseph Bail

Emphatically no!

Jan Buchheit

Helllllllll Noooooo!!!

Maggie Bear


Debby Lindsay

absolutely not!

Ellen Perkins


John Tobias

There is no hope until we get a real president back in office. It may be a rough 2-4 years before this country starts doing the right thing by it’s wildlife and wild lands again.

Tracy Whitcomb


Clara Coen

Absolutely not!

michelle taylor

The USFWS are uneducated, vile animal hating fools. These horrible morons need to have their employment terminated immediately.

Anne Grice

Voted NO. Why doesn’t the USFWS listen to intelligent people for a change and stop the senseless decimation of wild life?

Anne Grice

What is wrong with the USFWS? Its sickening to know how limited intelligence the people in this office have! The decimation of wild life in every corner is outpacing their replacement. Why dont they listen to science for a change and stop being influenced but uneducated people!


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