Jan 292017
Lechuza de campanario (Barn owl) Tyto alba

En un nuevo aporte escrito para el Blog compartimos estas fotografías de otra de las hermosas lechuzas que pudimos observar junto al amigo Nicolás Pavese; la Lechuza de campanario, Chuinda en mbyá-guaraní. Espectacular cerrar el año de esta manera, increíble poder ver y fotografiar a esta especie, pensar que hasta comienzos del 2016 solo había […]

Dec 302016
Snow Buntings at Salthouse

Barn Owl, Buzzard and Marsh Harrier at Burnham Norton kicked the day off well. A Water Rail was a nice surprise at Brancaster Staithe whilst watching a good variety of waders in the harbour. At Thornham the Twite flew back and forth but remained mobile and a Kingfisher buzzed through without stopping. Lot’s of Skylark […]

May 042014
Barn owls suffer worst year on record

Barn owls suffered their worst year on record in 2013 as they struggled in the bitterly cold spring, conservationists have said. Results from barn owl monitoring schemes around the UK revealed the number of sites where nesting took place last year was significantly down in every area compared to previous years, and some surveys found […]

Apr 242014
Chile turns to owls to combat fatal disease

This year the Hanta virus has already caused 15 deaths in Chile, according to reports in The Santiago Times. It isn’t always fatal—the 15 deaths were of a total of 36 cases over six months—but the symptoms are severe. Those affected experience flu-like symptoms, as well as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and trouble breathing. As is […]

Feb 242014
How to Enjoy Owls in Winter (or Anytime)

Owls have been in the spotlight recently, from the DC snowy owl to the Colbert Report. They are incredible and elusive creatures. Here are some ways you can experience and learn about owls first-hand this winter. Go on an owl walk, or “owling.” Winter is actually a great time to search for owls (as long […]

Jan 172014
2013 Was a Great Year for British Wildlife

Despite some severe concerns about the world’s different species, 2013 actually turned out to be a bumper year for British wildlife. Here’s why, and a look ahead at what 2014 might have in store. An unusually warm summer that ended a spate of six dismal ones helped wildlife up and down the stretch of Britain […]

Dec 212013
Battle to save barn owl after freak weather kills thousands

Ornithologists say 2013 will be viewed as the worst year ever recorded for one of Britain’s favourite farmland birds. They fear that there are now fewer than 1,000 breeding pairs of barn owls in England, following four years of extreme weather that have resulted in the population of the protected bird declining by more than […]

Nov 262013
Review: Bird Sense: What it’s Like to be a Bird, by Tim Birkhead

Who’d be a bird anyway? Chickens have bi-focal vision: one eye for the close-up work of pecking seed; one for the fox on the horizon or the hawk in the sky. Peregrine falcons don’t swoop directly on prey – as the crow flies, to coin a phrase – but in a wide arc, using the […]