Jun 262015
Common wood pigeon

This bird was about 45 meters from me but with the 500 mm lens plus the converter 1.4, I managed these fairly decent pics, although far from competition quality: Pigeon ramier ou Palombe dans le sud-ouest: Avec une focale de 700 mm (500 mm + convert 1/4) plus l’effet ‘petit capteur’, je suis parvenue à […]

Apr 022015
The Beauty of Blue Tits

Parus caeruleus – No need for words here, just enjoy these cute guys! 🙂 La beauté des Mésanges bleues… Les mâles ont des couleurs nettement marquées par rapport aux femelles, néanmoins ce n’est pas toujours évident de discerner les 2 sexes: Males like this on below have brighter colors than females, nevertheless, it is not […]

Mar 122015
European green woodpecker

European green woodpecker – Last pictures of the series I took during the short snow episode that brought me great luck with the Goshawk female hunting a pheasant. These are not pictures you can hope taking easily; since I won’t have another chance at witnessing such a scarce scene, I enjoyed the moment fully… Enough […]

Jan 042015
Eurasian spoonbills bathing

Nikon 500 mm + convert 1/4 – Platalea leucorodia This series of pictures was taken near the Arcachon basin at Le Teich. The preserve extends on 110 hectares of wooded areas, reed beds, meadows, saltmarsh and water stretch out between the mainland sector right up to the coastline. This wide variety of natural habitats is […]

Feb 102014
Endangered: Peruvian Plantcutter (Phytotoma raimondii) VIDEO

By: Michael Tweddle As a nature lover and wildlife photographer it is always a pleasure to be part in research and conservation activities. Here an example of two livelong friends’ researchers, Monica Romo and Mario Rosina and their hours of commitment studying and protecting the endemic Peruvian Plantcutter. The Peruvian Plantcutter (Phytotoma raimondii), is endemic […]

Jan 082014
Light buzzards' colorations and migration - 03

Buteo buteo – Accipitriformes – Accipitriadae – This is the lightest buzzard I saw so far this winter. Easily recognizing individuals thanks to the plumage coloration of their breast and comparing them from one season to another has proven me that I have not seen again the birds from previous years, which implies that they […]

Nov 032013
The Water Rail

Rallus aquaticus Gruiformes – Rallidae These birds are monogamous and very territorial; however, on sites which suit them best but are regrettably becoming scarce, a pair can nest at 20 meters from each other. The birds are very affectionate toone another; the male chooses the location of the nest and builds it elevated according to […]

Sep 222013
The Greater Flamingo

Pont de Gau is a 60 hectares bird sanctuary set in Camargue, south of France, where a breeding colony of several thousands of these flamingos remain year round, among which about 200 hundred individuals have rings. Close to the american version, it is the largest. They have a very long lifespan easily reaching over 60 […]

Sep 192013
The Reed Warbler

Acrocephalus scirpaceusPasseriformes – Acrocephalidae The Reed Warbler is a small bird, as dull but smaller than the nightingale. It lives in paludal vegetation; It isinsectivorous but will eventually eat berries. This species is one of which the Common Cuckoo parasites as it lays an egg in other birds nests. The species is monogamous even though […]