Jul 282013
Jahra Pools Reserve, Kuwait

Summer in Kuwait is searing hot and is traditionally a quiet birding month, however in late Spring we do have some species breeding at the Pools and mid-summer we have many Tern species breeding on the off-shore islands. Little Ringed Plovers (Charadrius dubius) have remained through the Spring and Summer and are suspected to be […]

Jul 132013
Rarities and Early Migrants at Jahra Pools Reserve, Kuwait

Jahra Pools Reserve (JPR) is a small fenced wetland reserve just off the Arabian Gulf coastline to the north of Kuwait City. Previously the pools were formed from a sewage outfall, but more recently a water network has been provided and this has allowed the pools to remain filled since the end of 2012. As […]

Apr 222013
A Smörgåsbord of Motacilla's

Spring has truly sprung in Kuwait and the the diversity and migrants heading north is amazing and always appreciated, more so because many birds are already sporting their breeding colours. The White Wagtails that were present all winter, have now given way to an array of Yellow Wagtails in a variety of sub-species. In Kuwait […]