Mar 212017
High price of rhino horn leaves bloody trail across the globe

On the black market it is reputedly worth more than its weight in gold or cocaine, and this week the lure of rhino horn brought the bloody business of poaching to a zoo near Paris. There, in the dead of night, criminals broke in, shot a white rhino called Vince three times in the head […]

Feb 212017
POLL: Is big game hunting important for African economies?

A new report released by the Humane Society International (HSI) finds that trophy hunters are “grossly” overstating the economic benefits of big game hunting in Africa. HSI timed the release of the report to coincide with the start of Safari Club International’s (SCI) annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 1. US-based SCI, one […]

Nov 042016
POLL: What should drive conservation action: morals or money?

In the debate, we explore the two sides of top conservation issues through articles written by leading experts in the field. In today’s debate, our experts discuss Moral value vs. Dollar value in nature conservation.     Morality, not economics should be the basis for conservation By Tris Allinson, Global Science Officer at BirdLife International. […]

Oct 202016
Special investigation: Inside the deadly rhino horn trade

It was a five-hour drive from South Africa’s Kruger National Park, home of the world’s largest wild rhinoceros population, to Polokwane, home of the world’s most wanted man when it comes to rhino horn trafficking: a millionaire safari operator and ex-policeman named Dawie Groenewald. To meet Groenewald, photographer Brent Stirton and I sped in two […]

Jun 242016
POLL: Should trophy and big game hunting be banned?

Around 1.7m animal “trophies” have been exported across borders by hunters in the last decade, with at least 200,000 of them endangered species, according to a new report. US hunters are by far the largest killers of trophy animals, including half of all the 11,000 lions shot in the last decade, the report found. The […]

May 252016
Down to the last three: can science save northern white rhino from extinction?

Under the watchful eyes of a group of heavily armed guards, three rhinos graze on the grassland of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. Most of the world knows that the rhinoceros is threatened, but the status of these animals is in another league. They are the planet’s last three northern white rhinos. None is […]

Mar 202016
Record number of African rhinos killed in 2015

A record number of rhinos were killed by poachers across Africa last year, driven by demand in the far east for their horn. The number slaughtered in their heartland in South Africa, which has four-fifths of the continent’s rhino, dipped for the first time since the crisis exploded nearly a decade ago. But increases in […]

Jul 162015
Junk Drug Craze Means Three Dead Rhinos a Day

Rhinos are on a path to extinction, possibly within a decade. Thank the losers who ingest their horns, hoping for a little help in the sack. There are maybe 20,000 rhinos left and they don’t have much chance against poachers with AK-47s and saws feeding an Asian market that prices these medically useless horns at […]

Jun 212015
Amid rhinoceros poaching frenzy, dark days for South African society

Two adult rhinos and a calf lie under a tree 50 meters off the road. It’s a nice sighting for me in the midday heat of Kruger National Park in South Africa — my second of rhinos in two days. On the eastern horizon behind their sleeping forms lies a dark blue line; the Lembobo […]

Jun 112015
Pictures: Black Rhinos Back in Tribal Africa After 25-Year Absence

Black rhinos were killed off from Samburu country by poachers, but now the community is bringing them back. Black rhinos are once again roaming the vast rangelands of the Samburu people in northern Kenya, thanks to relocation efforts by the community and conservationists. The animals had once been a common sight in the semi-arid region, […]

May 272015
Poll: Should Rhinos be Hunted to Support Conservation

Despite fierce and widespread criticism, numerous petitions, a lawsuit and even death threats, controversial Texas hunter Corey Knowlton’s mission to hunt down a black rhino in Namibia has been fulfilled. Accompanied by a CNN camera crew and two government trackers, and armed with a high-powered rifle, Knowlton shot and killed an old rhino bull in […]

May 182015
As poaching heats up, conservationists advocate sending South Africa rhinos to Texas

Flying a thousand white rhinos from South Africa to south Texas sounds like something out of a bad Disney movie. But the proposal to transport 6% of the country’s white rhinos to the Lone Star State, announced last week by Group Elephant and the Exotic Wildlife Alliance, underlines just how serious the illegal wildlife trade […]

Apr 142015
Texas man who won hunting auction to be allowed to import black rhino trophy

The US government will allow a Texas man to import the trophy of an endangered black rhinoceros if he kills one in Africa as part of a conservation fundraiser. The US Fish and Wildlife Service said on Thursday that importing a carcass from Namibia meets criteria under the Endangered Species Act of benefiting conservation. Corey […]