Jan 272017
POLL: Should the trade in captive lions and their bones be stopped?

Conservationists have condemned plans for the skeletons of 800 captive bred lions to be shipped to the Far East for use in traditional medicines. The highly-prized bones would come from South African big cats used for canned hunting as well as captive animals that died naturally or were euthanised. Producers of the film Blood Lions […]

Oct 312016
POLL: Should lion canned hunting be banned?

Some 8,000 lions bred for the sole purpose of being hunted are kept on game ranches in South Africa. Every year thousands of hunters – mostly Americans – pay handsomely to kill these lions within the confines of walls and fences, a practice known as canned lion hunting. But starting today they’ll no longer be […]

Sep 162016
POLL: Should there be a ban on driven grouse shooting?

MPs will debate whether to ban driven grouse shooting after a petition created by a leading conservationist passed the threshold of more than 100,000 signatures. Mark Avery, a campaigner and former head of the RSPB, launched the petition in March with backing from broadcasters Chris Packham and Bill Oddie, and the League Against Cruel Sports, […]

Mar 242016
POLL: Should ‘canned’ lion hunting be banned?

The documentary Blood Lions exposes South Africa’s controversial “canned” lion hunting industry. In canned hunts, captive-bred, often hand-reared lions are confined in enclosed spaces on private hunting reserves, guaranteeing marksmen easy trophy heads in exchange for fees of up to $50,000. With approximately 8,000 “ranch” lions to draw on, South Africa’s hunt operators can make […]

Aug 092015
POLL: Can lion trophy hunting support conservation?

The recent illegal killing of Cecil, one of Africa’s most famous lions, has increased calls to outlaw trophy hunting. It’s also caused some in the hunting community to reevaluate their positions on the contentious issue, even as other hunters dig in and say killing individual animals can help the wider population. A number of mainstream […]

Jul 302015
POLL: Should lion canned hunting be banned?

Up to 7,000 lions are living behind bars in South Africa. Raised in captivity on private breeding farms and hunting “reserves,” some of these animals are petted as cubs by tourists, who can also walk alongside or even feed more mature lions. Eventually, many are shot in “canned” hunts, in which lions are pursued and […]

May 312015
Will Big Game Hunters Trade Bullets for Tranquilizer Darts?

On a cold morning in late February, Chip Wagner stalked an African bongo, an endangered antelope with a striking striped coat. Only Wagner wasn’t in Africa; he was on a hilly game ranch in South Texas. And he wasn’t using his usual bow, but a dart gun, which he had never shot before. “It’s like […]

Nov 202014
POLL: Should lion canned hunting be banned in South Africa?

International indignation over the canned hunting of lions in SA is growing, writes Martina Polley. Lions are majestic animals, the alpha predators of the African bush. We think of them as roaming wild and free across the plains. But this is far from the reality. South Africa has a population of about 2750 lions in national […]

Nov 102013
POLL: Should canned hunting in Arizona be banned?

A hunting organization based in Arizona is under fire for defending a controversial type of hunting that is against the law in Arizona. Records show the Safari Club International has lobbied Congress and spoken out against bills that would make the practice of hunting exotic game in fenced-in preserves illegal. The organization also accepts trophies […]

Sep 262013
End of Safari Hunting in Botswana, but not yet in South Africa!

I’m in the bush, having been with a good leopard sighting today, but could not overlook the opportunity to say this: In three hours as the sun goes down today, we will have heard the last of the hunter’s gunshots over the plains of Botswana. Today, safari hunting ends!!The end of an era of conservation […]