Dec 022013
A late Blue-cheeked Bee-eater – Dhahran Hills

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater is a common passage migrant to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia but the majority of autumn birds have passed through by late October. Rarely they stay into November and once I saw one at Sablhat Al Fasl in December. Whilst looking at the wet drainage ditch to see if any waders were […]

Aug 232013
Sabya Waste Water Lagoons

In the morning of 2 July we went to the Sabya Waste Water Lagoons east of Sabya (17 10.513N, 42 48.129E). This wastewater facility has seven or eight pools that are all easily worked and the birds are relatively confident as the road is used by trucks to dump the waste water, so the birds […]

Mar 242013
Great Bustard: the great show in the plains

The Great Bustard (Otis tarda) is one of the largest and most spectacular European birds. Mature males can attain a wingspan of 2,4 meters and a weight of 18 kg, and are among the world’s heaviest flying birds; only its African relative the Kori Bustard and the Mute Swan can dispute that title. Females are […]

Feb 182013
A few bits and pieces in the UAE Part II

Ajban farms is a favorite site of mine , located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is a desert scrub area with large water lakes. Unfortunately the water is constantly being pumped into tankers for nearby constructions sites. Not sure how much longer there will be water there, once gone I am sure there will […]

Feb 082013
More from Zulfi

Today’s blog looks further at Mansur al Fahad’s visit to Zulfi last week. He tells me the birding is always good there and I can’t dispute that. As well as the pharaoh eagle owl and several steppe eagle featured in the last blog, there is much more to report on. For starters, Mansur managed to […]

Feb 052013
Vultures so close to Riyadh

On Thursday, after visiting the Kararah lake area, our birding party doubled back away towards Riyadh on the Mecca road before turning off north west. This was on route 505 according to the map but route 902 according to the road sign. This is an occupational hazard in Saudi Arabia, road sign numbers and map […]

Sep 152012
Best Photo of the Week Competition 15 Sep 2012

During the last week our authors and photographers have posted some outstanding articles packed with top-ranking wildlife images. Our competition is called “Best Photo of the Week”. Click on the first image and then page through the slideshow. Please select the three images you like best of all and vote for them at the bottom […]