Apr 212017
Catching a few ticks in Tuddenham

Saturday saw me going solo down at Elmley while the Jims enjoyed Vange Marshes Stilts. I had good but brief views of a day flying Barn Owl, a Peregrine hunting the marshes with several Buzzards and Marsh Harriers. Hares were putting on a show and the mating rituals of Lapwing and Redshank were in full […]

Apr 062017
Red flanked Bluetail at Titchwell

A planned trip to Norfolk today had added spice with news of Titchwell’s first ever Red-flanked Bluetail staying put for a second and hopefully third day. We stopped at first light in the hope of seeing the Golden Pheasant at Wolferton but had to settle for it on call alone before we moved on to […]

Jun 202016
POLL: Should cruel hare coursing be banned in Ireland?

On Thursday June 23rd, a Bill to ban the vile “sport” of live hare coursing will be debated in the Dail, the Republic of Ireland’s parliament. The following Thursday – June 30th – the Bill will be voted on. Your support is urgently needed to help persuade Irish politicians to vote for this measure. If […]

Dec 152014
Spring Birds in Winter

Remember the polar vortex winter we had last year? This robin came to my window every cold morning of it with his feathers so puffed up he looked downright chubby. I fed him raisins for breakfast straight through until spring. He’s back! He (or so…

Nov 272013
Collateral Damage

It’s well known that gamekeepers do their best to stop predators – like eagles, foxes, kites and others – from eating valuable game birds. Every grouse or pheasant is worth around £30-40 to an estate. But what is recently beginning to emerge is the extent to which gamekeepers in Scotland are persecuting mountain hares. There […]

Oct 032013
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 28 Sep 2013

We are delighted to announce the RESULTS of our most recent “Best Photo of the Week” Competition. First Prize is awarded to Mike Barth for his outstanding image ‘Whoops, missed again!’. Pradeep Kumar wins Second Prize with’Rose-ringed Parakeet Nestlings’ and Third Prize goes to Ankit Shah for’Indian Hare’ (see images below). The voting for all […]

Jun 062013
Canyon Wrens!

It’s been a bit of a bullshit week for a few different reasons, so I’m in the mood for something cute. I mean, I am generally always in the mood for something cute, but right now especially. So I’ll share these ridiculously adorable canyon wrens with you. They fledged a couple days later (5 of […]

Apr 072013
Migration across to Europe

It’s quite a long photo post this week and please scroll down and enjoy the views we’ve been having. I’ve been quite busy and wanted to write up more but I was out in the field most days and had lots of emails and other office work to do. Black-eared Wheatears continued to show up […]

Mar 262013
Goodness knows

Kindergarteners swarmed around the khaki-clad naturalist, squealing with excitement, shouting out questions and jockeying for a better view.The adult volunteers on this field trip were a tougher audience. “I’m glad they’re having fun but I don’t see why anyone should care about some bug,” one 30-something mom confided to another, adding, “What good is it, […]

Mar 242013
Great Bustard: the great show in the plains

The Great Bustard (Otis tarda) is one of the largest and most spectacular European birds. Mature males can attain a wingspan of 2,4 meters and a weight of 18 kg, and are among the world’s heaviest flying birds; only its African relative the Kori Bustard and the Mute Swan can dispute that title. Females are […]

Dec 042012
Rare Art Works by John James Audubon at Auction on December 5th Part VI

A rare collection of 82 original, hand-colored engravings of birds and quadrupeds by John James Audubon will come under the hammer in New York on 5th December 2012. “The Birds of America” was published in London between 1827 and 1838 by Robert Havell. Although some items will be purchased by art galleries for public display, […]