Jul 262017
Creative twist

This post is about colour. I am in between wildlife trips so I thought it would be interesting to play around with the colour in some of my wildlife images. Rather than change the colour of the subject, I wanted to see what effect it would create if I removed the background colour. Presumably, it […]

Dec 152016
POLL: Should the illegal trade in hippo teeth be stopped?

Kampala, Uganda – Investigators posing as buyers lured the suspects to a lodge near Buliisa, a town in western Uganda, as night set in. The two men arrived by motorbike with the contraband concealed inside a nylon sack. “They requested for me to take [the sack] inside a room,” one of the men, Fred Byenkya, […]

May 162015
Angry hippo flings newborn calf into the air

It’s no secret that hippos are aggressive and life in a hippo pod can be pretty rough, especially for juveniles. These incredible photos, recently captured by tour guide Stacey Farrell in South Africa’s iSimangaliso Wetland Park show the moment a five-day-old calf was mauled and tossed into the air by a bullying sub-adult. According to […]

Nov 102014
How Did Porcupine Repel 17 Lions? Explaining Viral Video

When the going gets tough, the prickly get going—especially in the case of a plucky porcupine that recently fended off 17 lions in South Africa’s Londolozi Game Reserve. In late October, wildlife guide Lucien Beaumont came across the pride of big cats, including some youngsters, milling around an object of interest. “To my surprise, it […]

Jul 022014
Big Splash

I hope you’re not tired of me posting about my awesome trip to Zimanga Private Game Reserve yet? Indulge me one more. I absolutely love being able to shoot at eye level with my subjects. It makes the photo come alive in a way that shooting from the normally elevated position of a vehicle just […]

Jul 102013
Vanishing species makes astounding comeback

The reemergence of the endangered Huemul deer (Hippocamelus bisulcus) marks a momentous achievement by local governments and conservationists worldwide. From the brink of extinction—with populations decimated to one percent of what they previously were—the Huemul populations have not only stabilized but are steadily increasing, according to a new study in Oryx. A naturally docile and […]

Jun 162013
Why endangered species need conservation champions

Without heroic conservationists many of today’s most beloved species would be extinct: think of pandas, tigers, and elephants. By single-mindly focused on saving a particular species, these conservation champions bring much-needed research, publicity, and, most importantly, targeted actions to keep an imperiled animal from the brink. Through their own exuberance, these heroes also gather others […]

Mar 052013
To the Death…

Did you know… hippos are extremely territorial and can even fight to the death for a favorite stretch of water – South Luangwa National Park, Zambia https://stores.modularmarket.com/bushcampcompany/storefront.php Nikon D3s. Nikon 200-400 mm. ISO 800. f6.7 @ 1/4000 sec. Lexar Media. © Dana Allen www.photosafari-africa.net www.facebook.com/DanaAllenPhotoSafari