Mar 262017
POLL: Should Trump ban the use of lead ammunition in hunting?

His head twisted almost upside down and his body all but paralyzed, the bald eagle sat on its haunches, talons clenching, while two humans neared to put him in a cage. They could not save the bird from lead. The eagle was the third this year to die from lead poisoning at the Blue Mountain […]

Mar 152017
Heartbreaking news about lead use in our National Wildlife Refuges

I hate political, or personal, drama—it’s rather an odd thing for a Chicago woman of Irish descent, born-and-raised as a Cubs fan, but that’s just the way I am. I got all three of those traits, along with my normally low blood pressure, from my Grandpa. But today I can feel that blood pressure rising, […]

Feb 122016
POLL: Should toxic ammunition be banned in the EU?

Birds in Europe will continue to be put at risk from lead poisoning, as the European Commission today announces it will continue allowing the chemical’s use in ammunition. Lead ammunition use will be regulated on a limited basis under the EU chemicals regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), despite it being responsible […]

Jan 122014
Bald Eagles Are Mysteriously Dying in Utah, But No One Knows Why

A growing number of bald eagle deaths in Utah have left state wildlife officials without any solid explanations as they continue to dig into the mystery in search of answers. This month, 21 bald eagles have been found with a mysterious illness, of which 16 have died. Normally the state sees bald eagle numbers range […]

Oct 282013
Banning Lead Ammunition Could Give Condors a Chance

California’s namesake condors nearly went extinct in the 1980s, and only intensive management and captive breeding efforts brought the birds back from the brink. Lead from ammunition remains a major threat to condor recovery, and a new California ban on the toxic ammunition for hunting could help protect the iconic birds, as well as other […]

Sep 082013
POLL: Should lead ammunition be banned in the US

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that 10 to 20 million animals from more than 130 species die from lead poisoning each year in the United States, including thousands in Massachusetts. These animals suffer silently after ingesting tainted prey, who may have been killed with lead ammunition and discarded or who died of […]

Aug 222013
Military Move to More Lead-Free Ammunition Could Save Millions of Birds

The recent decision by the United States military to move to a non-lead version of their 7.62 mm bullet could prompt voluntary changes in hunting practices, potentially saving millions of birds in the United States from ingestion of spent lead ammunition, says George Fenwick, President of American Bird Conservancy, one of the country’s leading bird […]

Aug 122013
Lead shot poisoning – latest

WWT has welcomed a campaign launched by eleven organisations across the shooting, game and land management industries for all shooters to comply with regulations on the use of lead shot. Most lead shot misses its target and is left scattered on the ground where swans, ducks, geese and other birds easily mistake it for food […]

May 062013
Lead bullet fragments poison rare US condors

Conservationists in the United States say that fragments of lead ammunition continue to take a desperate toll on one of the country’s rarest birds. Since December, seven wild California condors from a population of 80 have died in the Grand Canyon area. Three of the deaths have been definitively linked to ingesting lead from bullets […]

Nov 172012
Environmentally-Friendly Deer Hunt with Lead-free Ammunition

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), American Bird Conservancy (ABC), and Saving Our Avian Resources (SOAR) are working together to provide 40 physically-challenged hunters and their assistants a special deer-hunting opportunity November 10/11 at the Lost Mound Unit of the USFWS’s Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge. The refuge is located near […]

Feb 112012
Over Two Thirds of Fatalities of Endangered California Condors Caused by Lead Poisoning

Here is another no-brainer for you. A new study authored by San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research scientists has found that 67 percent of adult condor deaths are attributable to lead poisoning! The massive effort to save the California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) was initiated in 1982 when the remaining 22 wild birds were captured […]