Jan 192016
Fifteen a Day for the Past 75 Years…

Fifteen a day…that’s how many lions have disappeared from the face of the planet every day for the past 75 years. How many days are left then, for the remaining 20,000 members of this amazing, iconic species? Time to change it up now! Lioness (Panthera leo), Kafue National Park, Zambia with Shumba Camp and Wilderness […]

The Only Real “Paws” in Global Warming

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Sep 212015
The Only Real “Paws” in Global Warming

A Polar Bear (Ursus maritimes) on her shrinking world. Scientists state that 2015 was the hottest summer on record and the extent of Arctic sea ice was at it’s fourth lowest level ever. Somewhere near the Barents Sea. With Journeys Unforgettable Photographic Safaris.