Sep 132017
American Pikas Have Disappeared From California’s Sierra Nevadas

Wildlife scientists have raised concerns about the impact of climate change on American pikas for some time, and the tiny mammals have now disappeared entirely from a large stretch of land in California. American pikas are a small, herbivorous relative of rabbits and hares who live high in the mountains of the American West. The […]

May 262017
POLL: Should the keeping of dangerous wild animals as pets be banned?

In a victory for wildlife, South Carolina has officially passed a law that bans keeping dangerous wild animals as pets. The new law, which was just signed by Governor Henry McMaster, will now ban the private possession of big cats, non-native bears and great apes. “We applaud the provisions of this bill that prohibit the […]

Feb 142014
Pine warblers in your face

The birds seem to think it’s spring or something, but I can’t really say I agree with this sentiment. The Pine (all the birds in this post) and Yellow-rumped Warblers have started singing pretty hard the last week or so. Today while I was doing yoga, I witnessed two black vultures getting it on in […]