Mar 152017
Austria flouts EU law to cull otters

Lower Austria is planning to trap and shoot 40 otters in the very near future. This is in spite of the fact that otters are protected by the European Union Fauna and Flora Habitats Directive. This is in response to appeals from fishermen stating that there are too many otters. The numbers quoted for that […]

Jul 112016
POLL: Should the slaughter of pilot whales in the Faroes be stopped?

Last week a pod of 30-50 pilot whales was slaughtered in the first grindadráp (grind) of the year, on the island of Viðoy in the Danish Faroe Islands archipelago. The ordeal began this morning when locals spotted a pod of between 100-150 pilot whales passing by Svínoy. Several boats then drove the pod of whales […]

Jul 132015
POLL: Should the export of baby elephants to China be stopped?

Zimbabwe has shipped 24 elephant calves to China, in a move that has angered animal rights groups who described the export as “extremely cruel”. “Some 24 elephants are en route to China as we speak after they were taken from their families in Hwange national park,” Johnny Rodrigues, chairman of the animal rights group Conservation […]

Feb 042015
Poll: Should the Nicaraguan interoceanic canal go ahead?

A Chinese company has launched work on a $50bn canal across Nicaragua, an ambitious rival to the Panama canal that sceptics dismiss as a pipe dream and environmentalists say will wreck the country’s ecosystem. The Chinese telecoms magnate behind the canal, Wang Jing, inaugurated the project at a ceremony in the southern town of Rivas […]

Jan 192015
Poll: Should animals be trophy hunted to support conservation?

Is an American hunter who’s planning to shoot an endangered black rhino in Africa and who wants to bring its head home as a trophy helping to save the species? It’s a question the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is grappling with as it decides whether to grant a license to reality TV show co-host […]

Jan 032014
Petition: Help Us Protect the Arctic from a Dangerous Chemical That Killed Over 2,000 Birds

This past spring, more than 2,000 birds died due to a chemical spill off the southwest coast of England in one of the country’s worst marine pollution accidents. The birds were killed by the dangerous chemical polyisobutene (PIB). This chemical is used as a lubricant to improve ship engine performance and may end up in […]