Jun 262016
Piping Plovers Here and There

In June 2013 during my Conservation Big Year, when I still needed to see an endangered Roseate Tern, I learned that I had a good chance of seeing one or more feeding at Popham Beach State Park in Maine. Sure enough, I saw one there—the only Roseate Tern I saw all year—but that listing conquest […]

Jul 212015
The most beautiful crocodile photos we've ever seen

Photographer and dive instructor Ricardo Castilo might have been looking for sharks when he dipped into the cold, clear waters of Cuba’s Gardens of the Queen National Marine Park, but what he got was a toothy predator of a different sort: a 12-foot (3 metre) crocodile. The huge reptilian wasn’t showing any signs of aggression, […]

Apr 272015
Norway landmark ruling sees five jailed over wolf hunting

Five men have been sentenced to prison in Norway for organising an illegal wolf hunt, in the country’s first prosecution of such a case. The group’s ringleader was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison, while four others were ordered to serve between six months and a year. They all denied the charges. […]

Mar 062015
Amazonian bird chick mimics toxic caterpillar to avoid being eaten

In a study published in the January 2015 issue of The American Naturalist, Gustavo A. Londoño, Duván Garcia, and Manuel Sánchez Martínez report a novel nesting strategy observed in a tropical lowland bird that inhabits an area with very high losses to nest predators. How can tropical birds cope with the high rates of nest […]

Oct 232014
Could sleeper sharks be preying on protected Steller sea lions?

Pacific sleeper sharks, a large, slow-moving species thought of as primarily a scavenger or predator of fish, may be preying on something a bit larger – protected Steller sea lions in the Gulf of Alaska. A new study found the first indirect evidence that this cold-blooded shark that can grow to a length of more […]

Jun 292014
Miss Blue-tailed - dinner's ready!!

Prédation chez les libellules: Ishcnure élégante “casse la croûte” de bébé portecoupe! Ishnure elegans VS Enallagma cyathigerum Non, rien de barbare dans cette scène parfaitement normale dans le monde des odonates où une libellule en mange une autre! Les Agrions portecoupes sont extrêment nombreux et sont donc souvent et facilement prédatés, par d’autres odonates entre […]