Feb 212017
Parti-colored Starling

Only kidding. It’s so cold and rainy outside that I spent most of it sitting in a comfortable chair playing games and some of it creating imaginary birds with Photoshop from my archive of bird images.       A Bird Came Down the Walk  by Emily Dikinson   A bird came down the walk: […]

Aug 262016
Mystery of Bizarre Bird Deformities May Be Solved

Anchorage, Alaska – Scientists working with sophisticated DNA sequencing technology think they may have solved a 20-year-old mystery of what has caused thousands of Alaska’s wild birds to be afflicted with deformed, twisted beaks. The findings suggest that a newly discovered virus – poecivirus – may be the culprit behind the bizarre beak deformities in […]

Jun 082016
Wildlife At Miami's Matheson Hammock Park

At the suggestion of Tom Obrock we made a late May trip to Florida’s east coast with the possibility of observing Bahama Mockingbird, a rare bird species in Florida, that had been reported in Fort Lauderdale at eBird.         The immature Red-tailed Hawk above (image 1) was photographed near Homestead in May […]

Mar 082016
Restless Hawk

I saw this immature red-tailed hawk last week in Central Park. It was inspecting tree holes. I think it was inspired by the spring weather to think about making a nest. It picked up sticks and carried them, put them down again. When I left the hawk it was standing with its foot on a […]

Jan 252016
Neighborhood Hawk

This young red-tailed hawk visited Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn Heights on Saturday. It got this head forward alert look whenever a squirrel or dog came near. I’ve seen red-tailed hawks eating squirrels in New York trees before, but not this day. Note the brown striped tail, indicating that it is immature. The famous red […]

Jan 092016
Vermilion Flycatcher at Little Big Econ WMA, 12/31/2015

A few days ago, a Vermilion Flycatcher was found along the Little Big Econ River, very close to where it meets with the St. Johns River. This morning I decided to walk the Kilbee Tract of the Little Big Econ WMA to see if I could find it. It was a pretty easy walk to […]

Aug 142015
Rare Picture: Blackbird "Rides" Hawk

Talk about a bird’s eye view—a red-winged blackbird was recently photographed “riding” atop a red-tailed hawk. A visitor to the DeSoto and Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuges in Iowa and Nebraska recently snapped an incredible photograph, which was released today by the U.S. Department of the Interior. But if the photograph seems too good to […]

May 122015
How Injured Birds Get New Feathers - It May Surprise You

Birds are famous for strutting their stuff—”proud as a peacock” isn’t an empty saying, after all—but sometimes birds need some help getting back in fine feather. So for this Saturday’s Weird Animal Question of the Week, I’m taking the author’s prerogative to ask: “How do injured birds get new feathers?” The answer is a process […]

Jul 132014
Albatross Internet Darling Takes First Flight

On Tuesday a young Laysan albatross named Kaloakulua took to the skies on her maiden flight, plunging off a cliff 250 feet high (76 meters) and setting course for the open ocean. She won’t touch down on land again for another three years. And so ends the first chapter of the first ever live-streaming wildlife […]

Feb 032014
Polar Vortex Winter Birds

It was a cold week in New York. As I sat writing at my desk by the window I saw the neighborhood birds in another light. One of the ways birds keep warm is by fluffing up their insulating feathers; they looked like puffballs all week. They have other ways to keep warm. Their feet […]

Nov 252013
Ferruginous Hawk on Rat Farm Road

Our first Christmas Bird Count will be coming up on December 14th in Fall River Mills so I thought I would take a drive up there to see what I could see as the day approaches. Rat Farm Road is a long gravel road leading from the small town of McArthur, through some sage/prairie habitat […]

Sep 082013
Central Winds Park, 8/31/2013

I went to Central Winds again this morning. I needed to be home a little early, so I decided to stay local. I think I startled an Osprey while it was eating its fish. We saw each other at the same time; I stood still, but it decided to take off anyway. And a young […]