Apr 212017
Pennington Marsh - 7th April

This first half of April has been fantastic, like mid-summer come early, after an early morning breeding bird survey where the highlights were a couple of Song Thrush and a Willow Warbler I spent a couple of hours at Pennington Marsh. Spring really is here and there wereBlackcap singing from the scrub, fair numbers of […]

Feb 122017
Eversmann’s Redstart - Jubail

Whilst birding at Jubail I found a female Eversmann’s Redstart, a new species for me. Birding up to that point had been rather poor due to the overcast and windy conditions but it was made up for with this bird. I noticed a redstart on the track between the large reed beds and it almost […]

Jul 052016
Beitostølen and Valdresflya

Our stay in Beitostølen with visits to Valdresflya continues to produce some interesting birds. On Valdresflya I have seen the Long-tailed Skuas again but they have been too distant for pictures. The two male Long-tailed Ducks seem to have their own areas on a lake and may well have a female on a nest nearby. […]

Jun 062014
Restless Muse on Migrating Birds

Aristotle was a brilliant philosopher and observer of nature. He pioneered the study of zoology, but he was utterly clueless about bird migration. The seasonal appearance and disappearance of the birds in his native Greece perplexed him. Similar appearing species must be “transmuted” into each other across seasons, he reasoned, to explain the disappearance of […]

Dec 032013
Mega's, Vagrants and Rarities in Kuwait

It has been quite some time since my last post. Following a low depression in Arabia in late November that brought more than above average rainfall at this time of the year to the Region, some great birds were recorded in Kuwait. The one species was a vagrant and a 1st for Kuwait that has […]

Apr 292013
Passerines seen in April

In the dictionary the word passerine is described thus: passerine |ˈpasərin, -ˌrīn|Ornithology adjective – of, relating to, or denoting birds of a large order distinguished by feet that are adapted for perching, including all songbirds. noun – a passerine bird; a perching bird. The order Passeriformes comprises more than half of all bird species, the […]

Apr 162013
Al Abraq Al-Khabari - a western oasis in Kuwait

Spring migration in Kuwait is in full force and migrants are literally everywhere – foraging, resting and passing by overhead. Al Abraq is a very small dot of green in a vast expanse of open desert in the far west of Kuwait. It is a working oasis and an absolute magnet for migratory birds that […]

Mar 192013
Wintering Birds of Lake Kawahara

Lake Kawahara is a small lake by the sea in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan. It is not far from Kabashima, one of the best places for spring and autumn migrants. Lake Kawahara is particularly attractive to thrushes and starlings, but smaller passerines also winter here as there is plenty of shelter for them in the forests […]

Mar 162013
Spring alive…

Birding is such a great activity, always surprises, lots of interesting stuff and interesting people you meet along the way. Last Monday we added to the ringing team at the IBRCE Roger Riddington and Will Miles who came for 10 days of ringing and birding with us.Will is visiting the ringing station for the second […]

Dec 272012
Black Redstart female

Phoenicurus ochruros – Passeriformes – Muscicapidae She swallowed this larva as is, no frying like it’s done in Africa with the Mopani worms, served in some restaurants… I haven’t tried them, although my son has assured me the “delicacy” is a real treat! LOL! Hey, if you consider that “froggies” eat snails… Rouge-Queue femelle Avalée […]

Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus

Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus

The Common Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus) is a small passerine bird with a brown tail & is considered to be an Old World flycatcher (Muscicapidae). Among European birds, only the Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochrurus) has a similarly colored tail. It is a summer visitor in Europe and winters in north Africa. Factsheet: Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus (LC)