Aug 302017
South Africa’s First Legal Rhino Horn Auction Threatens Conservation Efforts

South Africa, home to the largest population of rhinos left on earth, could step up as a conservation leader in protecting these unique creatures. Instead, the country is hosting the first-ever online auction of rhino horns, which will take place this week. Thousands of rhinos have been ruthlessly killed by poachers to meet the demand […]

Jan 132016
POLL: Could synthetic rhino horns help save the rhino?

From knee joints to human organs, and from prosthetics for pets to guns, it seems that the limits of 3D printing are bound only by imagination. Taking 3D printing to the next step are the founders of a start-up company, Pembient, who want to print synthetic rhino horns. Matthew Markus, one of Pembient’s founders, stated in […]

Dec 042015
POLL:  Can legalised trade save Africa's last rhinos from poaching?

Time is fast running out for the rhinoceros. In their final stronghold of South Africa, rampant poaching for horn threatens to wipe out the last 20,000 southern white rhinos in less than two decades. Among conservation scientists, there is deep uncertainty over how best to respond to the poaching crisis. Many express reserved support for […]