Apr 112017
A Productive Frozen Boat Launch

Rare eBird lists for Connecticut remain a little shorter than those for Florida in my experience. Nonetheless I was intrigued by reports of rare species of goose being reported at Donald W. Barnes Boat Launch in Hartford County Connecticut in mid-winter. A species commonly seen here in New England in the winter months was remarkably […]

Feb 032017
A Cold Connecticut Birding Day

On a cold day, make that a very cold day with winds causing discomfort for a former Floridian, I made efforts to observe a reported Barrow’s Goldeneye near Tuxis Island in Connecticut to close my 2016 wildlife observations. I heard from wildlife blogger Hemant Kishan who told me that he has seen Barrow’s Goldeneye on […]

Dec 272016
Pokémon birding

Yesterday I found myself trailing behind Jr and Jr Jr whilst they hunted Pokémons in Frognerparken. This suited Sr just fine as the small lakes here can house a few birds in the winter months. Yesterday there were no less than five species of duck with 100+ Mallard being accompanied by a young male Wigeon, […]

Mar 302014
Forster’s Tern on Lake Monroe

A couple weeks ago I was at the marina on Lake Monroe looking for (and not finding) a Royal Tern that had been seen there earlier. So I occupied my time photographing other terns. I shared photos of Caspian Terns in another post, but there was also Forster’s Terns patrolling the marina area. Most of […]

Mar 252014
Ring-billed Gull Ready for Spring

This ring-billed gull, Larus delawarensis, is in breeding plumage; the bird’s head and breast are snowy white. I took the picture on the East River in Brooklyn last week. Can spring be far behind? This is an adult ring-bill in non-breeding plumage, taken a few months ago in the same place. Its head and neck […]

Feb 112013
Along the East River

I took a cold walk by the East River today. Brant geese, Branta bernicla, were lunching on the lawn in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Brant are often mistaken for Canada geese, but they are different species. I’ve written about their differences; click here for that blog. The lawn the brant geese were trying to eat turned […]