Jun 202017
European Roller – Jubail

Whilst birding the Jubail area in late May I came across two European Rollers of which one I was able to photograph and is shown below. Saudi Arabia has three species of roller on the country list. These are Indian Roller Coracias benghalensis a vagrant, Abyssinian Roller Coracias abyssinicus a breeding resident of the southwest […]

Jun 022017
Yemen Rock Agama at Al Mehfar Park - Thanoumah

Whilst birdwatching the Al Mehfar Park area of Tanoumah I came across a few Yemen Rock Agama Acanthocercus yemensis. The Yemen Rock Agama occurs in northern Yemen and adjacent Saudi Arabia, but the limits of its distribution in Saudi Arabia are currently not well known, although I have seen it as far north as Bani […]

May 152017
Arabian Spotted Eagle-Owl - Tanoumah

Whilst in Tanoumah in early April Phil Roberts and I saw an Arabian Spotted Eagle-Owl. Initially Phil found it sitting on some overhead wires but it soon flew off. It was seen a few times catching what looked like large moths around some very powerful lights on a house and was then lost from view. […]

May 122017
Red-throated and Tree Pipits – Jubail

A trip to Jubail in late April was very productive for Red-throated Pipits and Tree Pipits. The majority were Red-throated Pipit Anthus cervinuswith up to thirty in small flocks in a couple of places. Tree Pipit Anthus trivialis was also seen but in much smaller numbers of twos or threes. Red-throated Pipit is also a […]

May 062017
African Grey Hornbill at the bottom of the Raydah Escarpment - Abha

Whilst birding the bottom of the Raydah Escarpment in late March I saw up to ten African Grey Hornbills Tockus nasutus. This is a very high number as normally only one or two birds are seen. All birds appeared to be in pairs with loud calling being seen and heard from some birds on a […]

Apr 302017
Black-crowned Tchagra at the bottom of Raydah Escarpment - Abha

Whilst birding the bottom of the Raydah Escarpment in late March I came across a Black-crowned Tchagra. This was a new species for me in Saudi Arabia and one I was surprised I had not seen before. The bird was at the bottom of the Raydah Escarpment an area known to attract several African species […]

Arabian Grosbeak Rhynchostruthus percivali

Arabian Grosbeak Rhynchostruthus percivali

Rhynchostruthus percivali occurs in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen. It is generally scarce and difficult to locate even at known sites with an approximate population estimate of c.3,000 pairs in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen. This species has been classfied as Near Threatened owing to its moderately small and potentially declining population. Factsheet: Arabian Grosbeak […]

Apr 072017
Eastern Black-headed Yellow Wagtail – Jubail

Whilst birding Jubail at the end of March I found ta number of Eastern Black-headed Yellow Wagtail melanogrisea feeding along a path and near the waters edge. This subspecies is not as common as Black-headed Wagtail feldegg in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia but arrive in early to mid-March similar to feldegg. Some individual […]