Aug 062017
Outrage Grows Over Video of Shark Dragged Behind Speedboat

Three men in Florida apparently thought it would be hilarious to tie a shark by its tail to their speedboat and then make a video of it bouncing hard in the wake of the vessel as the men laugh. Afterward, they took photos of what was left of the poor shark’s mangled body. One of […]

May 112017
Victory! Major airline in China bans shark fins

In a major victory for sharks, China Southern Airlines has officially banned the shipment of shark fins on its flights. The airline is the largest in China and is based in Guangzhou, a city that’s gained notoriety for serving up shark fin soup. Not only is the shark fin trade incredibly cruel and wasteful, it’s […]

Oct 242016
POLL: Should shark-baiting be banned?

The controversial practice of baiting in shark diving has been called into question in response to several recent incidents, as unsuspecting sharks attracted to cages with bait ended up inside cages with equally surprised divers. According to underwater photographer and shark diving expert Brian Skerry, it would be impossible to see great white sharks without […]

Oct 192016
POLL: Should shark nets be used to protect swimmers?

Mike Baird has this week announced a plan for a six-month trial of shark nets off the beaches of northern New South Wales. This would extend the state’s shark net program from the 51 beaches now netted between Wollongong and Newcastle. The premier’s announcement was triggered by a surfer receiving minor injuries on Wednesday after […]

Oct 072016
Australia's government open to shark cull on NSW north coast

The federal government has signalled it would consider a shark cull on the New South Wales north coast after a teenage surfer was mauled by a great white. It comes as the NSW government announces a new three-month trial of shark-spotting drones for the area, and additional drum lines off the coast. The federal environment […]

Jul 292016
South Africa's great white sharks face extinction, says study

South Africa’s great white sharks face the threat of extinction after a steep decline in numbers caused by trophy hunting, shark nets and pollution, according to a study. The six-year research project along the country’s coastline revealed that only between 353 and 522 of the sharks are still alive, half the level previously thought. “The […]

Sep 232015
Global marine populations slashed by half since 1970

Populations of marine mammals, birds, reptiles and fish have dropped by about half in the past four decades, with fish critical to human food suffering some of the greatest declines, the WWF warned on Wednesday. In a new report, the conservation group cautioned that over-fishing, pollution and climate change had significantly shrunk the size of […]

Aug 212015
POLL: Should sharks be culled if they are a danger to surfers?

A push from surfers in northern NSW for a shark cull has sparked an angry response from an animal rights group. It comes after nearly 200 locals, including Ballina’s mayor, local businesses, surfers, fishermen and police met earlier in the week in Lennox Head to discuss the spate of shark attacks and sightings in the […]

Jul 142015
Video: Top 10 extraordinary shark encounters for shark week

Because it’s our firm belief that you can never have enough of sharks during Shark Week, we’re celebrating these incredible ocean predators with some of the most unforgettable encounters the Earth Touch cameramen have ever caught on film – from schools of hammerheads to rare sightings and even a camera headbutt.       This […]

May 172015
Why are sharks so misunderstood?

Sharks have a bad rep. Thanks in no small part to Steven Spielberg, who cleverly played on our primordial fears with his blockbuster thriller Jaws, these majestic creatures are generally thought of as little more than mindless killing machines. Shark (BBC One), the Natural History Unit’s spectacular new three-part documentary coinciding with Jaws’ 40th anniversary, […]

Dec 152014
Video: Great white shark breaches off South Africa's coast

A magnificent great white shark leaps from the water to take a chunk out of a would-be seal. These amazing full breaches were conceived using a plastic seal decoy – which is dragged behind a tourist diving boat, as a way of enticing the hungry predator. Shot by filmmaker Mark van Coller in False Bay, […]

Dec 062014
Video: Watch the Incredible Migration of Thousands of Giant Spider Crabs in Australia

Australia is famous for its teeming, colorful biodiversity like sea turtles, giant clams, and coral, but it’s the Great Barrier Reef that often receives the most attention for its wildlife. Of course, other areas around Australia boast an incredible amount of unique wildlife, like the Ningaloo Marine Park along Australia’s West Coast, for example, that […]