Mar 212017
High price of rhino horn leaves bloody trail across the globe

On the black market it is reputedly worth more than its weight in gold or cocaine, and this week the lure of rhino horn brought the bloody business of poaching to a zoo near Paris. There, in the dead of night, criminals broke in, shot a white rhino called Vince three times in the head […]

Sep 232014
Birders flock to see exotic bee-eaters

Exotic bee-eaters have had their best ever breeding attempt in the UK with eight chicks fledging from two nests, conservationists said. Two pairs of the brightly-coloured birds, which are normally found in the Mediterranean, have nested on the Isle of Wight this year. Three chicks fledged from one nest on National Trust land, in a […]

Jun 202014
Elusive Kingfisher

I haven’t shown you a bird in quite a while – so I’ll remedy that situation right here and now! Southern Africa is blessed with a lovely variety of Kingfishers, a species that is a firm favourite with avid bird-watchers and photographers in most parts of the world, for sure. I’ve had good opportunities in […]

Jun 042014
Sharpe’s Grysbok

I thought it apt to share a cute little antelope found in Southern Africa called the Sharpe’s Grysbok (Raphicerus sharpei). The name “Grysbok” translates directly from Afrikaans as “grey buck”, and though they’re not primarily grey of colour you can see the grey stubble coming through in its coat, as if it’s sporting the beard […]

Mar 092014
About those roads

If you’ve ever visited Southern African National Parks and Game Reserves, you would have encountered animals on roads. Many in the photographic fraternity frown upon including the road in your photos, as it detracts from the ‘natural look’ of the image. I’ve got a few thoughts on this…and you can read about them on the […]

Feb 232014
Call of the Spurfowl

There are very few things that affirm to you that you are in the bush and you need to wake up to go on a game drive as pleasantly as the morning call of the Swainson’s Spurfowl. This call evokes endless memories of trips to the Kruger National Park and surrounds in me, and I’m […]

Feb 052014
Lions Approach Extinction in West Africa

Lions may soon disappear entirely from West Africa unless conservation efforts improve, a new study predicts. The study, published January 8 in the peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS ONE, presents “sobering results” of a survey that took six years and covered 11 countries. Lions once ranged from Senegal to Nigeria, a distance of more than 1,500 […]

Jan 262014
More than 1,000 rhinos killed in South Africa in 2013

More than 1,000 rhinos were killed in South Africa last year at a record-breaking rate that marked a jump of 50% on the year before. The environment ministry said 1,004 animals were killed in 2013, up from 668 in 2012 and just 13 in 2007, as the poaching crisis escalated. Most of the killing was […]

Dec 172013
Stop poisoning endangered white vultures in South Africa!

37 white-backed vultures were found dead after it was established they had been poisoned. It all happened in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. It is not the first case of vulture poisoning – the birds now face a declining population and may soon become extinct! The vulture died after feeding from on an […]

Oct 142013
Power lines provide mixed fortunes for Cape vultures

Cape vultures in southern Africa are using expanding networks of pylons and power lines to extend their range, say scientists. At the same time these lines are also contributing to this threatened bird of prey’s decline through fatal collisions and electrocutions. The study involved a team of experts from the UK and South Africa tracking […]

May 282013
Rhinos moved from South Africa to Botswana for safekeeping

A private safari company has moved six white rhinos (Ceratotherium simum) from their home in South Africa to Botswana in a bid to save them from an out-of-control poaching crisis in their native land. Currently, around two rhinos are killed everyday in South Africa for their horns, which are then smuggled to East Asia. This […]

May 182013
Lions for sale: big game hunting combines with lion bone trade to threaten endangered cats

Koos Hermanus would rather not give names to the lions he breeds. So here, behind a 2.4-meter high electric fence, is 1R, a three-and-a-half-year-old male, who consumes 5kg of meat a day and weighs almost 200kg. It will only leave its enclosure once it has been “booked”‘ by a hunter, most of whom are from […]