Gannets in Love

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Gannets in Love
Canon 500 f4
Bempton Cliffs
Date Taken:

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Alessandro Moroni

Great Photo! 😉

Massimiliano Paolantoni

Ciao e grazie per aver condiviso il tuo scatto in questo gruppo, la tua foto è stata selezionata come “Best Shot” ed è visibile sulla rivista digitale di WildClick, visibile all’indirizzo :…/wildclick—foto-in-natura…
WildClick – foto in natura on Flipboard
By Maurizio Tavoliere | Rivista legata al gruppo Facebook “WildClick – foto in natura”, raggiungibile all’indirizzo WildClick ✔ . Le foto sono protette da copyright © e di proprietà dei rispettivi autori visibili sul gruppo.

Vinod Kumar

Beautiful pic

Arun Debnath


Jan Warner Whaley

Great capture!! What fantastic looking birds!

Klancee Dexter-Call

Awesome picture, they look fake but truly a great picture.

Cindy Segal David

Wonderful shot!!!

Maureen Isabel Mundell

Stunning pair.

Srinivasan Venkataraman Iyer


Dhirajlal Dangrecha

Wow… Wonderful capture

Kathy Carr-Bernet

Wow! Fantastic pic!!

Sourav Sanki

Brilliant click…(y) (y) (y)

Mou Jana

Wow……. Wonderful….

Reet Nicholl

Beautiful features.

George Wilson

Awesome shot

Marina Chicco


Rossana Bergo

Caspita ……bellissima

Tapas Chakraborty

Superb image

Brandon J Collins

You must be in newfoundland aha

Joni Muncy Seiffert

Wow! Beautiful!

Freddi Brown Galbraith

Fabulous !!

Linda Craven Vidyashanker

Ken, Thank you so very much for this magnificent photo! !!!

Heather Beaton O

Absolutely beautiful birds….

Rebecca Gifford Weaver

Interesting picture!

Daniela Da Ros


Janice Wafler Sudholt

What u talkin bout?

Valerie Peluso

Beautiful faces

Lokesh Kumar


Mary Zahner


Rose Zerkel

TY first time to see these birds

Freda Barnes

Me too! Where was this picture taken??

Timir Baran Mazumder


Pat Jones

Mating pair for life. Beautiful markings.

Sarika Sawant

Oh grt click

Pankaj Andraskar

Ghost bird……

Chandy Wik


Subhra Pakhira


Sayali Kulkarni

wow that’s great

Sanjay Khapre

What a snap!!

Atul P Tiwatane


Alfaaz Khan Alfaaz Khan

Osm pick

Sarika Sawant

It’s real?

Kiran Lad


Violet Jones

That face ! <3

Mohan Rajan

Sorry, you haven’t any teeth.

Judith Perrin Burns

Beautiful.. look like a photo

Kiran Lad

Superrrrrrrb !

Doris Harris

I love the expression of the bird in the back.

Vicky Katdare


Doris Harris

I love it. Very cute expression of the bird in the back.

Popinjay Kev

Awesome capture 🙂

Jagannadham Naidu Reddi

Look like dolls


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