11-year-old Wisconsin girl harvests potential state record black bear

11-year-old Wisconsin girl harvests potential state record black bear

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CLARK COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) – At just 11 years old, Naiya Iraci is already an established hunter, harvesting deer and turkeys. Now, the Kewaskum sixth-grader can add a 700+ pound to her resume.

On September 9, the opening day of bear season in Wisconsin, on her grandfather’s property north of Hatfield in Clark County, young Naiya locked in on the first bear she had ever seen live.

“I was nervous, I was kind of shaking,” Iraci said describing when she saw the bear.

She wasn’t shaking enough to miss what would be a potential state-record holding 27-yard shot.

“We don’t know yet,” explained her grandfather and hunting partner, Michael Frank. “It’s in the process of being cleaned and dried for 60 days. It goes by skull measurement. We’re just going to have to wait.”

Frank says the 720-pound recorded bear probably weighed over 800 pounds.

“We dressed the bear out that night because it was warm and we didn’t want the meat to spoil,” Frank said. “The dress weight was 720. You use 13% of the dress weight to figure in the weight of the internals that we took out when we dressed it out. It was 813.6 pounds.”

Not a bad way for the hunting-duo to experience their first bear hunt.

“I’m not a bear hunter,” laughed Frank. “My granddaughter wanted to go and I was up there all summer so I baited all summer for her and it worked out really great.”

And when asked if she was confident the bear would surpass the state record, Naiya responded with an enthusiastic “Yeah!”

Frank says it may take up to 60 days to get an answer from the DNR.

This article was first published by WMTV on 21 September 2020 and is intended to highlight this . Focusing on Wildlife does not support bear hunting and condemns wildlife crime.

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Irene Leggett
Irene Leggett

What a pathetic, miserable brat….no doubt a rotten apple never falls far from the tree so I expect her ‘parents’ are soooo proud of the psychotic, depraved, vile, sadistic, evil ANIMAL MURDERER that they have spawned. A serial killer in the making as she’ll soon get fed-up hunting sitting targets and move on to ‘humans’ for more pleasure and fun. What an odious low-life piece of human trash (at such a young age)

Carrie Foster

You little idiot

Jim Royer

“Harvest”? “Tragic” would be a better word – for the bear and the brainwashed little girl!

Regina Argentin

Harvest = murder

Tina Selsmark


Kim Bourke

Isn’t this child a delight- no doubt raised by parents who have nil respect nor compassion for a sentient being.

Stephanie Rose

Asshole!! All hunters need to go extinct

Ann Wardle

An amazing record black bear is dead, gone and lost forever, so that one entitled person can say she killed him. Robbed of his life. Robbed from his family. Robbed from the gene pool and ecosystem. Robbed from the rest of us, who believe he had every right to continue live and roam freely…just being a bear. Unconscionable. Unnecessary. Unforgivable

Яків Мельничук

Slaughtered by young psychopath.
“Harvest” is a stupid way of saying MURDERED.

Valerie Glavieux Henry

Coward, let’s try without the gun and see who wins

Doll Stanley

Valerie Glavieux Henry amen

Peter Jennings


Nina Alice

Fkn psychopathy

Judy Priestley

Satanic !

Sharon Kennedy

Demon child.

Garcia-Sagas Linda

Society sickens me…instead of presevers we are rearing destroyers

Sara Leonard

What a repulsive thing to get your 15 minutes of fame from.

Avocet Nature Services

sad that they’re proud they baited all summer to fool the bear into trusting them and then they just kill it for thrills!

Penny Jackson

Raising little sociopaths.

George Sommers

There’s something especially repulsive about children being encouraged to “harvest” – kill – wildlife for no reason except for the sake of killing.


She was shaking and nervous!! How the hell does she think the defenceless bear felt.!!? It is a disgrace that this child, for that is what she is, and who should be in school learning skills that actually contribute to nature and the environment, has killed another living creature. What ever were her parents thinking to encourage her to do so – surely, this is a form of child abuse? It is incidents and attitudes like this that me me think that maybe the 6th Extinction wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all if it wiped the likes of… Read more »

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Vile. Tragic metaphor for our future as a species

Eugene Rae
Eugene Rae

May she be eaten by wolves.

Jim Takahashi
Jim Takahashi

Sadly, I’m not surprised. This evil practice is deep-rooted in White American culture/tradition, together with its gun culture.

Unless the breeding ground (culture : what a significant word) is eradicated, the germs like this girl will keep coming out.

Janet Kenedy

May Karma get even with her Dad!!!