Jan 312012
Merlin Perched in a Tree

Merlins are winter visitors in the Salt Lake Valley so I have just a few more weeks to attempt photographing them. Merlins used to be called “pigeon hawks” because their shape and flight patterns are similar to pigeons. Merlins feed on small mammals, birds as large as doves and apparently they include bats in their […]

Jan 302012
Snowy Owl "irruption" in North America

Local farmers, amateur birdwatchers and bird researchers have witnessed an unusual and at times disturbing phenomenon recently as huge numbers of snowy owls (Bubo scandiacus) are migrating south from the Arctic and being seen as far south as Missouri. Such are the increasingly large numbers of this majestic owl species that it is being described […]

Jan 292012
Illegal Bird Trapping in Cyprus

The air in a parking lot in southeastern Cyprus is filled with the song of the blackcap, but the small warblers themselves are nowhere to be seen. The calls are hurtling out of a tiny speaker. “This is a tape player, but we’ve got CD players, we’ve got it on mp3s,” says Andreas Pitsillides, who […]

Jan 272012
Is this the beginning of the end of the Canadian commercial seal hunt?

Comments being made in certain quarters of the Canadian politicalhierarchymay indicate that there is a creepingrealisationthat the negative publicity that Canada receives from its adherence to the annual commercial seal hunt is not worth the financial returns obtained from the selling of seal products. Ryan Cleary, a New Democrat MP representing Labrador and Newfoundland has […]

Jan 272012
Almost 1,500 Turtles “Crammed Like Sardines” Into Suitcases

Close to 1,500 live Pig-nosed Turtles were seized yesterday in Mopah Airport, Merauke, in Papua Province, Indonesia. The 1,495 turtles were concealed inside two suitcases en route to Jakarta, the nation’s capital and a major hub for illicit wildlife trade. Valued as pets, and possibly consumed as meat in some countries, Pig-nosed Turtles are smuggled […]

Jan 252012
Marine Mammals on the Menu

Just how commonly is dolphin served for dinner? More than you might think, according to a new study conducted by WCS and Okapi Wildlife Associates. Researchers have found that since 1990, residents of 114 countries consume one or more of at least 87 marine mammal species. The new finding is the result of an exhaustive […]

Jan 252012
Birds to Benefit from Snake Ban

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has banned the importation and interstate transportation of four nonnative constrictor snakes. Release of snakes into the wild is threatening birds and other animals in the Everglades and other sensitive ecosystems across the United States. “In recent years, the release of nonnative snakes into sensitive bird habitats such […]

Jan 252012
Suriname Team Find 46 New Species In Tropical Forests

An expedition to a tiny South American country has revealed more than 40 species that scientists believe to be new to science. The expedition to the pristine tropical forests of Suriname was led by the charity Conservation International. The collaboration between scientists, indigenous people and students recorded 1,300 species in total. The team is now […]

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