Oct 312013
Yeti may be undescribed bear species

The purported Yeti, an ape-like creature that walks upright and roams the remote Himalayas, may in fact be an ancient polar bear species, according to new DNA research by Bryan Sykes with Oxford University. Sykes subjected two hairs from what locals say belonged to the elusive Yeti only to discover that the genetics matched a […]

Oct 312013
Namibian government and people lauded for conservation successes

Global conservation organization WWF has recognized Namibia for its outstanding conservation achievements. The Namibian President, His Excellency Hifikepunye Pohamba, is being presented today with a WWF Gift to the Earth Award – the second the country has received – by Chief Emeka Anyaoku, former President of WWF International. The ceremony is taking place in the […]

Oct 302013
Swans beat storm to find sanctuary at WWT

Seven Bewick’s swans made it through the major storm sweeping Britain and completed their migration from the arctic to WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire just as the worst of the violent weather hit. Migrating birds are facing 80mph southeasterly winds in their faces as they make the 2,500 mile journey in a south east […]

Oct 302013
Mystery hum keeping people awake may be love-making fish

A mysterious humming noise which is keeping people awake at night could be down to fish making love, scientists claim.The noise, which residents say ‘pulsates’ through their homes, starts at about 10pm and carries on all night, forcing some people to move away from the area because they find it impossible to sleep. Scientists believe […]

Oct 302013
Reprieve for whales at risk from oil platform

In a victory for conservationists, an oil platform planned near the habitat of a critically endangered whale population has been postponed for at least five years. A decision about development plans for the offshore Sakhalin-II drilling platform has been deferred by the Sakhalin Energy consortium, according to the western gray whale expert panel report. Concerns […]

Oct 292013
Pectoral Sandpipers in Shasta County?

Well it’s not unheard of but pretty rare to see Pectoral Sandpipers in Shasta County. You see the Pectoral Sandpiper is a medium-sized sandpiper that breeds on wet tundra in both the North American and Siberian Arctic and winters mostly in southern South America1. I know range maps basically show the “average” or “normal” range […]

Oct 292013
Cheetahs’ Iranian revival cheers conservationists

Asiatic cheetahs, a subspecies of the fastest animal on earth, are extinct everywhere except in Iran, where they are considered to be critically endangered. But marking a rare success, conservationists at the Persian wildlife heritage foundation (PWHF) have spotted a group of five Asiatic cheetahs (also known as Iranian cheetahs) – a mother with four […]

Oct 292013
Killer Whales: Beneath the Surface – review

“For thousands of years it was feared as a single-minded, ruthless hunter,” says the narrator of Killer Whales: Beneath the Surface – Natural World (BBC2). Well, it’s hardly surprising. Look at this one. Here’s this poor sea lion, lolling (old meaning) about at the surface of the sea, happily unaware that it’s got half a […]

Oct 292013
POLL: Should the ban on fox hunting be relaxed in the UK?

David Cameron is backing calls to relax the ban on fox-hunting in England and Wales, it emerged today. The Prime Minister has ‘sympathy’ with calls to scrap a law banning farmers from using more than two dogs to flush out foxes, Downing Street said. It would mark a first step towards the coalition fulfilling its […]

Oct 282013
Gooseneck Barnacles

I was walking around the tip of Cape Henlopen in Lewes, Delaware last week when I came across the prettiest thing I have ever found on a beach — a bunch of gooseneck barnacles. Barnacles are filter feeding crustaceans that attach to rocks or flotsam in the marine intertidal zone. These were attached to a […]

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