Apr 302014
Blue-Footed Booby Threatened in the Galápagos

A cartoonish character in the avian world, the blue-footed booby is known for its vivid webbed feet and its high-stepping mating dance. But the birds have mostly ceased their hypnotic moves on the breeding grounds of the Galápagos Islands, causing an alarming drop in their numbers. On these islands in the Pacific Ocean to the […]

Apr 292014
Benteveo mediano, Vermilion-crowned Flycatcher, Myiozetetes similis

Este Benteveo mediano no estuvo tan cerca como el último que fotografié en Nemesio Parma pero este día tenía mejor luz, me gustó como quedó el fondo desenfocado; la foto es del día 23 de Marzo y la saqué en el sector de árboles que está al costado de la antigua traza de la Ruta […]

Apr 282014
Silver-cheeked and Unique: Santa Marta Brush-Finch

The Santa Marta Brush-Finch is only found in the isolated Santa Marta mountain range of northern Colombia, the highest coastal mountain range in the world. This range, isolated from the Andes, is also one of the most endemic-rich regions of South America, with nearly 50 endemic bird species. Although smaller than the state of Connecticut, […]

Apr 272014
Malta - Massacre on Migration (Episode 7)

Chris Packham takes a trip to the island of Camino, Malta to see the conservation work done by the BirdLife Malta Ringing Station. Birds just ringed and ready for release include Golden Oriole, Hoopoe and Nightjar. Chris sadly recalls that during the week his hands have been covered in the blood of illegally shot birds […]

Apr 272014
Fish Crows: Egg Thieves

Crows are smart, and because of this I’m somewhat fascinated with them. They’re not particularly attractive birds, but they have a lot of ingenuity. I’ve read stories of crows working together to steal food from gulls. One crow comes up behind the gull and pulls a tail feather, distracting the gull. When the gull looks […]

Apr 272014
Rare Blackthroated Blue Robins spotted in China

Crucial new discoveries about one of the world’s least-known and rarest birds have been made by scientists. The blackthroat, or blackthroated blue robin (Calliope obscura) is one of the world’s rarest “robins”, being known from only a handful of records since it was first described in the 1890s. In 2011, experts resighted a small number […]

Apr 272014
Malta - Massacre on Migration (Episode 6)

Chris Packham has been arrested by the Malta Police and has been in custody for more than 4 hours. Tonight’s episode has been postponed pending his release. Watch this space for the final episode in the series “Massacre on Migration”.   If you haven’t already voted, then we invite you to vote FOR or AGAINST […]

Apr 262014
Malta – Massacre on Migration (Episode 5)

Today’s episode begins with a loud, violent confrontation between local hunters and the BirdLife Malta camera team. The hunters clearly do not like the spotlight on their hunting activities, and the police are quick to remove Chris Packham and the team from the area. CASH, the Campaign Against Spring Hunting, has generated more than 44,000 […]

Apr 262014
Warmer springs boost long-tailed tit survival

Warm spring weather boosts long-tailed tits’ chances of surviving the winter, scientists have said. The UK’s population of these little birds has more than doubled in the last forty years. A 19-year study by researchers in Sheffield links rising spring temperatures to their improved survival. Biologists suggest the birds are rare “winners” when it comes […]

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