Jun 302015
Video: Racing baby elephants understimate the muddiness of mud

Apparently “slow and steady wins the race” isn’t part of the baby elephant curriculum. This playful trio was far too busy racing to a watering hole in South Africa’s Madikwe Game Reserve to remember that mud is … well, muddy. While their mothers had no trouble traversing the sticky pit, the little ellies got a […]

Jun 302015
Lion among 23,000 species threatened with extinction

The mighty lion, reclusive cave crabs and the world’s rarest sea lion are among nearly 23,000 species at risk of dying out, a top conservation body warned on Tuesday. In an update to its “Red List” of threatened species, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) hailed some clear advances in saving endangered […]

Jun 292015
Vaquita porpoise going extinct right before our eyes

If you’ve never heard of the vaquita, then picture a porpoise about the size of a small human with black-lined, expressive eyes and a rounded mouth. The smallest members of the porpoise family, vaquitas are today found only in the waters of Mexico’s northern Gulf of California – and pretty soon, you won’t find them […]

Jun 282015
Pijuí corona rojiza (Rufous-capped Spinetail) Synallaxis ruficapilla

El 9 de Mayo pasado en el Complejo Don Rodolfo la suerte estuvo de mi lado nuevamente con este escurridizo furnárido, fue la primera vez que pude fotografiarlo relativamente despejado y de cuerpo entero. Mencioné la palabra suerte en primer lugar porque con las aves las fotos salen buenas siempre y cuando ellas colaboren, de […]

Jun 282015
Iberian lynx: back from the brink of extinction ... and run down by cars

The world’s most endangered feline species, the Iberian lynx, is making a comeback in Spain after being pushed to the brink of extinction. But the costly efforts to reintroduce the spotted cat into the wild face an unexpected enemy – cars. The number of lynx killed by collisions with vehicles has soared since Spain’s economic […]

Jun 272015
Bees feeding on fungicide-dosed flowers develop health issues, studies say

While the relationship between insecticides and bees has made headlines – and controversy – for years, two recent studies have shown that another class of agricultural chemicals, little-appreciated but used in ever-increasing amounts, may also pose a threat to pollinators. The new studies have raised concerns about fungicides: in one, foraging on fungicide-dosed flowers harmed […]

Jun 262015
Choca corona rojiza (Rufous-capped antshrike) Thamnophilus ruficapillus

Hoy a la mañana salimos con Javier bien temprano con la finalidad de ir a fotografiar aves a la desembocadura del Arroyo Apepú en Nemesio Parma, el clima cambió drásticamente nublándose bastante rápido y con bastante llovizna. Mucho no se podía hacer en el lugar porque además la maquinaria vial que está trabajando en este […]

Jun 262015
Common wood pigeon

This bird was about 45 meters from me but with the 500 mm lens plus the converter 1.4, I managed these fairly decent pics, although far from competition quality: Pigeon ramier ou Palombe dans le sud-ouest: Avec une focale de 700 mm (500 mm + convert 1/4) plus l’effet ‘petit capteur’, je suis parvenue à […]

Jun 262015
Five dead Tasmanian devils may have been poisoned, says ranger

Investigations are under way into the discovery of five dead Tasmanian devils south of Hobart as new research shows a decline in population of the threatened species is affecting the island state’s ecosystem. The carcasses of five of the carnivorous marsupials, including a mother with two babies in her pouch, were found near the township […]

Jun 252015
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 20 Jun 2015

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition. Morkel Erasmus wins First Prize for his brilliant composition “The Promise of Rain”. Chas Moonie wins Second Prize for his outstanding capture “It Must Be Love”. Third Place goes to Ruth Thiessen for “Pretty Baby”.      See detailed results below: (click on thumbnails for full […]

Jun 252015
Chimpanzees Deemed Endangered by U.S. - What's It Mean?

All chimpanzees are now listed as endangered by the United States, a ruling meant to better protect those apes in captivity, the government announced Friday. The decision, which goes into effect September 14, follows a 2013 proposal by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to toss out the legal distinction between wild and captive chimpanzees. […]

Jun 242015
Eastern Cougar extinct, no longer needs protection, says US conservation agency

Eastern cougars that once roamed North America from Canada to South Carolina are extinct and no longer warrant federal Endangered Species Act protections, US wildlife managers have said. The proposal to remove so-called eastern cougars from the list of endangered and threatened species comes nearly 80 years after the last of those mountain lions was […]

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