Nov 302015
Lake Apopka, 11/21/2015

Lake Apopka has been spectacular over the last month or so. For starters, a month ago, a Brown Booby was blown inland by a storm, found Lake Apopka, and now apparently doesn’t want to leave. It’s been living on the lake for the last month, usually too far away to see with binoculars. However, today […]

Nov 302015
POLL: Could a referendum to ban ivory sales be a model for other countries?

Voters in Washington state sent a strong message to the world on November 3 when they passed the country’s first ever comprehensive state ban on commerce in endangered animal species. The Washington Animal Trafficking Initiative 1401 (I-1401) prohibits the purchase, sale, and distribution of ten endangered species groups and their parts. It includes not only […]

Nov 292015
Águila mora (Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle) Geranoaetus melanoleucus

En esta entrada al blog comparto estas fotografías de individuos de Águila mora obtenidas por Luis Krause durante el mes de Junio pasado en cercanías de la localidad de Tecka / Chubut. Las fotos corresponden al día 9 de Junio y todas ellas muestran a individuos inmaduros con distintas fases de plumaje.       […]

Nov 292015
Climate change is 'single biggest threat' to polar bear survival

Global warming is now the single most important threat to the survival of the polar bear with retreating sea ice set to decimate populations, according to a new study by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It found a “high probability” that the planet’s 26,000 polar bears will suffer a 30% decline […]

Nov 282015
POLL: Should microbead hygiene products be banned?

US lawmakers are to decide whether to ban personal care products containing microbeads – minuscule pieces of plastic considered harmful to the environment – after proposed legislation was approved by a bipartisan committee. Microbeads, typically under 5mm in size, are used as abrasive exfoliants in products such as toothpastes and facial cleaners. They often evade […]

Nov 272015
Tap-Dancing Birds Revealed For First Time in New Video

Forget the funky chicken—the blue-capped cordon bleu prefers a tap dance to attract mates, a new study says. Scientists already knew males of these blue-and-tan African finches bob and sing as part of their courtship display. So did males of two closely related species, the red-cheeked cordon-bleu and the blue-breasted cordon-bleu. But new high-speed video […]

Nov 272015
Record breeding success for Critically Endangered Northern Bald Ibis

The Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita has had an eventful and turbulent relationship with humans that has resulted in a graph of its population decline that matches its iconic red down-curved beak. But latest breeding successes resulting from work of BirdLife Partners and the Government of Morocco gives hope for a harmonious relationship again in […]

Nov 262015
Arapasú (Plain-winged Woodcreper) Dendocincla turdina

Hoy les presento una nueva especie para el blog, el Arapasú, una de las mas esquivas para nosotros porque durante los cinco años que llevamos relevando la provincia únicamente hemos tenido registros de el en tres oportunidades. El primero allá por el 2001 en San Sebastián de la selva donde luego de escucharlo vocalizar alcanzamos […]

Nov 262015
First Pan-African Otter Training Workshop held in Tanzania

The latest Red List update by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, has placed an alarming 12 of the 13 species of otter worldwide showing a declining population, with the North American river otter the only one shown as “stable”. Of those 13, Sub-Saharan Africa is home to three species: The spotted-necked otter […]

Nov 262015
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 21 Nov 2015

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition. Glenn Perrigo wins First Prize for his brilliant capture “Red-winged Blackbirds Over Grain Field “. Maciej Olszewski wins Second Prize for his outstanding composition “Red Deer – Stag in the Fog”. Third Place goes to Dana Allen for “On Reflection – Black-winged Stilts”. […]

Nov 262015
POLL: Should the EU ban the import of lion hunt trophies?

France has banned the import of lion heads, paws and skins as hunters’ trophies, nearly four months after the killing of Zimbabwe’s most famous lion by an American trophy hunter sparked international outrage. In a letter to the actor and animals rights activist Brigitte Bardot, France’s environment minister, Ségolène Royal, said that she had instructed […]

Nov 252015
The first male Pied Kingfisher of the autumn – Sabkhat Al Fasl

As mentioned previously there has been a major arrival of Pied Kingfishers into Eastern Arabia this winter including a minimum of ten birds at Sabkhat Al Fasl. All the birds photographed and the one seen by me have been females with this bias towards females also occurring with Common Kingfishers at this location. On 15 […]

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