Jan 312016
Second Woodlark for Saudi Arabia – Sarrar, Eastern Province

Phil Roberts and I found two Woodlark Lullula arborea at the edge of a pivot irrigation fodder field near Sarrar on 15 January. Initially the birds were feeding along the edge of the field giving good views but eventually moved into the crop where they were not possible to see unless flushed when they could […]

Jan 312016
POLL: Should the burning of moors be stopped?

At one end of the country, conservation groups are doing all they can to stop the burning of moors. Challenging the grouse shooting estates, for example, the RSPB argues that “there is an urgent need to restore these landscapes by bringing an end to burning.” At the other end of the country, conservation groups are […]

Jan 292016
POLL: Should the use of animals in circuses be stopped?

Inside a travelling aquatic circus in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek, whoops and cheers go up as a dolphin leaps out of a pool and slam-dunks a ball through a basketball net. Hundreds of people packed inside the Moscow Travelling Dolphinarium to watch dolphins and beluga whales perform acrobatic stunts, against a painted backdrop of blue skies […]

Jan 282016
Florida Bobcat: Lynx rufus

I did a post of Florida’s Bobcats (Lynx rufus) some time back, but it just disappeared from the blog. I am reposting these photos as I love watching these cats. We live in a large subdivision bordered by an even larger preserve, so these bobcats thrive on rabbits, squirrels, and, I suppose the occasional loose […]

Jan 282016
Himalayan Forest Thrush: Scientists Discover New Species of Bird

A group of scientists led by Dr. Per Alström of Uppsala University has described a new species of bird from the northeastern India and adjacent parts of China. Dr. Alström and his Chinese and European colleagues named the new species Zoothera salimalii. “The scientific name honors the great Indian ornithologist Sálim Ali, in recognition of […]

Jan 272016
POLL: Should the killing of animals by Wildlife Services be stopped?

After anti-government protesters took over Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge earlier this month to support two ranchers convicted of arson, it emerged that the convicts, Steven and Dwight Hammonds, had received thousands of dollars in financial support from the federal government. The public aid included the killing of five coyotes by a US Department of […]

Jan 262016
Alarming proof of underreported bushmeat crisis in heart of Amazonia

When satellite imagery of the Brazilian rainforest shows lush, dense forests, most of us likely expect that those trees are packed with wildlife. But what if what we are actually seeing is an empty forest? According to a recent study published in Conservation Letters, this possibility is already becoming a reality in the pre-frontier areas […]

Jan 252016
Neighborhood Hawk

This young red-tailed hawk visited Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn Heights on Saturday. It got this head forward alert look whenever a squirrel or dog came near. I’ve seen red-tailed hawks eating squirrels in New York trees before, but not this day. Note the brown striped tail, indicating that it is immature. The famous red […]

Jan 252016
POLL: Should the trapping of bobcats and beavers be banned?

When I think of fur trappers, I imagine a frontiersman in a coonskin cap paddling his canoe full of beaver pelts down the Hudson River. But when reporter Tom Knudson thinks of trapping, it’s a guy trudging into a forest in Nevada, or some other Western state, to set a steel-jaw trap for a bobcat. […]

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