Jul 312016
Drones to unleash vaccine-laced pellets to save endangered ferrets

The US government is set to unleash drones that fire vaccine-laced pellets in a bid to save the endangered black-footed ferret, a species that is facing a plague epidemic across America’s great plains. The US Fish and Wildlife (FWS) has developed a plan to bombard ferret habitat in Montana with the vaccine, which will be […]

Jul 302016
Bonaparte's Gull at Oare Marsh AGAIN!

Work took me to Kent today so a quick trip to Oare Marsh was on the cards.I arrived at lunch time and Napoleon was sitting pretty just by the bridge on East flood a few yards from the road. He was in the company of hundreds of Black headed gulls and Black-tailed Godwits but was […]

Jul 302016
Big city living doesn’t stop peregrine falcons from mating for life

As humans encroach more and more on their habitat, some peregrine falcons have become city-dwellers: at least 25 pairs now nest on man-made structures like skyscrapers and bridges in Chicago, for instance. In their natural habitat, where they build their nests on isolated cliff ledges, peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) mate for life. But like any […]

Jul 292016
Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 23 Jul 2016

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition. Candy McManiman wins First Prize for her brilliant capture “Whose Birdbath Is It Anyways?”. Dana Allen wins Second Prize for his outstanding composition “Leopards of Luangwa”. Third Prize goes to Paamul Jack for his excellent photo entitled “Oh No! – Howler-monkey Mama Protecting […]

Jul 292016
South Africa's great white sharks face extinction, says study

South Africa’s great white sharks face the threat of extinction after a steep decline in numbers caused by trophy hunting, shark nets and pollution, according to a study. The six-year research project along the country’s coastline revealed that only between 353 and 522 of the sharks are still alive, half the level previously thought. “The […]

Jul 282016
Are mockingbirds life-long learners?

Ornithologists have long maintained that Northern Mockingbirds are continual learners, adding new imitations to their songs year after year. The assumption has been that imitations of different sounds indicate the breadth of experiences a male has lived through, and that female mockingbirds are drawn to the most experienced males. The American Ornithologists’ Union and Cornell […]

Jul 282016
How to survive a bear encounter

Peak camping season is upon us, and this July and August millions of Americans will be loading the minivan, heading into our national parks and forests, and inevitably meeting some bears. Fortunately, most of these encounters will be uneventful. In almost every case, the bear will turn its tail and run. Take Yellowstone national park […]

Jul 272016
Disappearing Nightingales

Taking photos of Common Nightingales can be tricky but flight shots are pretty rare and I was really pleased to capture a sequence of photos set on 1/2500th of a second of such a bird in ‘hovermode’, something that to me at least is a pretty rare sight. During the breeding season and with young […]

Jul 272016
Massive relocation of 500 elephants begins in Malawi

In one of the largest scale translocations ever, some 500 African elephants are currently being moved to what is believed to be a safer habitat in Malawi. Elephants are being shot by tranquilizer darts, then retrieved by cranes and recovery trucks. The elephants are then awoken in special “wake-up crates” and then transported 450 kilometers […]

Jul 262016
Harns Marsh Preserve Summer Activity

The water level at Harns Marsh Preserve during a 19 July visit was very high, but did not deter a large number of waders from finding the habitat suitable. Bud Tom Obrock and I made a drive over to the preserve in Lehigh Acres which also hosted a very good number of Purple Gallinule and […]

Jul 262016
POLL: Should the lynx be rewilded in the UK?

During the Second World War small groups of people were thinking about how wildlife and the countryside might best be conserved in the hoped-for aftermath of the conflict. From such discussions emerged in 1949 the Nature Conservancy, the first government conservation body in Britain. It sought to protect examples of heaths, meadows, moorland and coppiced […]

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