May 312017
Pelícano pardo (Brown Pelican) Pelecanus occidentalis

Durante mi viaje a Cuba tuve la suerte de poder observar y fotografiar durante todos los días que estuve en Varadero al Pelícano pardo, una de las aves que tenía ganas de conocer y no me defraudó para nada. Lo podía ver todos los días sobrevolando el mar y en ocasiones zonas aledañas demostrando toda […]

May 312017
Karma Strikes Again: Trophy Hunter Killed by Elephant

Karma has really been a bitch to trophy hunters in Zimbabwe over the past couple of months. Early last month Scott Van Zyl, the owner of a South African trophy hunting operation, was eaten by the crocodiles he’d intended to kill. On May 19, his friend Theunis Botha, the owner of another South African trophy-hunting […]

May 302017
$10,000 reward offered to find killer of famous Yellowstone white wolf

For years, the wolf known as “White Lady” delighted visitors who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her when they visited Yellowstone National Park. At 12 years old, the alpha female of the Canyon Pack had lived twice as long as other wolves in the park. Within nine years, with the same alpha […]

May 292017
POLL: Should all circuses with wild animals be closed down?

As Ringling Bros. finally closes its doors forever this week, a recent undercover investigation offers a heartbreaking reminder that many animals are still being abused and exploited by circuses across the U.S. The investigator witnessed violent treatment toward tigers — including one instance of a trainer whipping a tiger 31 times in less than two […]

May 282017
Blaze-winged Parakeet, Chiripepé de ala anaranjada (Pyrrhura devillei)

Mucho tiempo llevo tratando de identificar estas fotografías que voy a mostrar en esta entrada, resulta ser que por la zona que estuvo Luis en el Pantanal frecuentan las 3 especies de Psittacidos (loros) del género Pyrrhura, el Chiripepé cabeza parda, el Chiripepé cabeza verde, y este Chiripepé o Cotorra de Deville. No dispongo de […]

May 282017
POLL: Should the Grizzly Bear be removed from the Endangered Species List?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service currently is considering the most significant wildlife issue of our time: removal of Endangered Species Act protections from Yellowstone’s grizzly bear population. This action will trigger a trophy hunting season in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Habitat and food sources for Yellowstone’s grizzlies are being profoundly impacted by climate change. […]

May 262017
Tacuarita Azul (Masked Gnatcatcher) Polioptila dumicola

Como desde el año 2012 no publico fotografías de la Tacuarita azul en el blog comparto hoy con ustedes estas imágenes que pude obtener en el Arroyo Itá el Viernes 5 de Mayo en horas de la mañana, interesante jornada en la que pudimos registrar tres especies nuevas para esta reserva.         […]

May 262017
POLL: Should the keeping of dangerous wild animals as pets be banned?

In a victory for wildlife, South Carolina has officially passed a law that bans keeping dangerous wild animals as pets. The new law, which was just signed by Governor Henry McMaster, will now ban the private possession of big cats, non-native bears and great apes. “We applaud the provisions of this bill that prohibit the […]

May 252017
Day trip to Titchwell

We set off early this morning arriving at Choseley Barns at 7.30am where I scoped the Dotterel in the rain without too much help from the Jims who already had the tick from a recent twitch in Herts. Once I found the birds their mood changed and they jumped out to enjoy distant views along […]

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