Anchovies 101

If you’re intimidated by anchovies, you’re not alone. These crunchy, rich little fish can transform an average weeknight dinner into a four-star meal. Eating little fish is also good for the oceans, because they’re low on the food chain and reproduce quickly. But what type of do you choose, and how exactly do you eat them?

(Photo: Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble)

Melissa Clark at the New York Times comes to the rescue with “How to Eat Anchovies”, a quick-and-easy tutorial on these delectable little fish. She tells you what to look for when buying whole or cured anchovies, and shares her favorite way to eat them—on top of heavily-buttered toast.

If you’re not quite ready for whole filets, try Clark’s pan-seared chicken with and capers. Check out her recipe for steamed mussels, another sustainable seafood that’s good for you, and the oceans.

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