Charles Fleming is a wildlife photographer and nature blogger based in South West England. His blog "Wildlife in a Suburban Garden" has more than 1400 entries and a link to galleries where you can view more than 4000 images from the UK and the rest of the world featuring photographs of more than 500 species. "My aim is to try and put my readers and viewers intimately close to the subject and to share the thrill of watching and photographing birds and wildlife at close quarters".

Feb 242013

The Goosander is an interesting “saw-billed” Duck that is found on the fast moorland rivers of my county, Devon (UK). They are a very wary and shy bird and if they catch sight of you they will depart immediately. Historically this species has been persecuted and they need to be wary for a good reason. […]

Feb 212013
Another very close Dipper encounter.

I had my first proper close-up Dipper encounter of the year today. I had been in the hide for 2 hours this morning, a total of more than 10 hours so far this February. I had decided enough was enough with a total lack of activity. At that point I had seen a total of […]

Feb 092013
Greenshank Tringa nebularia.

The Greenshank (Tringa nebularia.)is medium sized wading bird that is normally seen on migration in Spring and Autumn in the UK. They do not breed in England but further north in Scotland and sub-Arctic Europe and Asia. In my local area it is quite common to see one or two on the nearby Exe Estuary […]

Jan 312013
Karoo Prinia

I can remember in vivid detail this particular bird. I had spent the afternoon at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town and had enjoyed a glorious hour late in the afternoon photographing Orange Breasted Sunbirds that were absolutely stunningly gorgeous. As the day turned to evening, the light became absolutely perfect. We had made our […]

Jan 232013
Cape Spurfowl - Pternistis capensis

I have recently returned from a trip to South Africa and specifically Cape Town, an exciting and interesting place for all sorts of reasons. The wildlife opportunities are immense and varied with a vast variety of birdlife. One bird that I found interesting and very approachable was the Cape Spurfowl or Cape Francolin Pternistis capensis. […]

Dec 262012
Wildlife in a Suburban Garden

It’s interesting to note that the common tit species in the UK and Europe have beaks of slightly different lengths and shapes. This enables them to co-exist in the same habitat and even in the same mixed species flocks. Coal Tits for example, although smaller than Blue Tits, have a longer and proportionally longer beak. […]