Ewan Miles

Ewan Miles

Admirer of everything regarding the natural world. My local stomping ground is the vast upland area of Geltsdale in the north Pennines. Currently a Wildlife Guide for Sea Life Surveys on the isle of Mull.

Aug 292014
Orcas - Always expect the unexpected

A moderate rain shower as we got under-way from Tobermory harbour for our Whalewatch Explorer on Monday 7th July. The natives would call it ‘dreich’ but the forecast said things would improve as the day went on. We were making our way through an area of sea nicknamed ‘the middle grounds’ which is a little […]

Aug 202014
Lightning doesn't strike twice but Kasey does!

I finished off the last blog post by talking about the special experience and fascinating research of been on first name terms with a wild whale. On the 24th June during a Whalewatch Explorer this was exemplified monumentally in a memorable natural spectacle. Going Back to the year 2000 a minke whale with a distinctly notched dorsal fin […]

Jan 222014
Argyll eagle action - Scotland's soaring reputation could be shot at?

I used to dream of seeing the bird that has the sunlit eye. You will never forget the first time you see one fly. The sight of a soaring eagle over a Scottish landscape is one to admire. An iconic symbol of courage and strength that has the power to inspireEwan Miles. White-tailed eagles in […]

Dec 112013
Isle of Mull - story of the stack

It was early spring on ‘eagle island’ and on our marine excursions covering the north shore of Mull we were monitoring our local white-tailed eagle territory to see if nestingattemptswere taking place. After not seeing any clues in their traditional nest site high up in aconiferplantation, we noticed the female bird seemed to be hunkered […]

Aug 152013
Aurora Borealis season open 2013/14

After reading reports that the solar wind stream could buffer theearth’smagnetic field at the weekend (04/08/13) I headed out to a good vantage point as clear skies were due to continue through the night. A small amount of trueastronomicaldarkness arrives back in August in the British isles and I knew there was a chance of […]

Apr 122013
The White Hawk

Another nice morning spent on Mull’s moors as the high pressure continued for the rest of the week. A pair of Hen Harriers were quartering the rough grass tracking each others every move like they were attached with a piece of string. Both birds broke out into their high pitched squeaky display call and the […]

Apr 092013
The Sky Dancers

It was Easter weekend, an early start after a great night watching the Northern Lights. I was driving through the magnificent Glen More in the south east of Mull, the sun was beaming down and as it reached mid morning the temperatures started to pick up. An immature Golden Eagle appeared above the mountainous skyline […]

Mar 232013
Kitty the Toon

A Brand new series of children’s books will be released in the UK in the coming years to help inspire the next generation about British wildlife. The first book is a story about Kittiwakes in the North-East of England which havecolonisedthe city of Newcastle during the breeding season and have become the first inland colony […]

Mar 182013
Knobble the Minke Whale

The whale watch operator Sea Life Surveys based on Mull has been covering areas of Hebridean waters since 1982 with the main focus being minke whales which arrive in the summer season to take advantage of the abundant food supplies. Part of Sea Life Surveys’ work, along with taking groups out to experience the fantastic […]

Feb 242013
A Super Species Outfoxed?

When I was a child growing up in the countryside my favorite animal was undoubtedly the Red Fox. My inspiration was started by the cartoon program Animals of Farthings Wood from a young age and my love grew from there. The Red Fox is classed a super species because that one species has successfully colonized […]

Feb 052013
Ten ways to rise for nature

Here is 10 ways to contribute to your native wildlife… – Enthuse others – Make aneffort to encourage other people to take an interest or increase their interest in the natural world.Whetheryou are watching peregrines in the lake district with fell walkers passing by or you are watching a kingfisher on a rivertributaryin an urban […]