Margarita Steinhardt

Margarita Steinhardt

Margarita Steinhardt is a wildlife ecologist by training but more of a naturalist by inclination. She has graduated with Master of Wildlife Conservation degree from Macquarie University in Sydney and is currently based in Australia. Margarita has been photographing wildlife for a number of years, throughout her work and travels in Thailand, India, Africa, and Russia, as well as Australia. What drives Margarita is the excitement of a new destination and new species to be found and photographed there.

Jul 132016
Birds along Palm Jungle track in Royal National Park

After weeks of rainy weather the sun has finally come out in Sydney and to celebrate I headed out to Royal National Park to hike along the coastline and to do a bit of birdwatching along the way. I took a train to Otford and the birdwatching started before I even got to the park. […]

Apr 292015
Gliders of Royal National Park

A spotlighting walk in Royal National Park turned up quite a number of Sugar Gliders (Petaurus breviceps) and a tiny and extremely fast Feathertail Glider (Acrobates pygmaeus) – the smallest gliding mammal on earth, that is literally smaller than a mouse and seems to be constantly on the move. Unlike the ‘disappearing in a flash’ […]

Nov 062014
Sydney pelagic trip

As I headed out on a pelagic wildlife watching trip out of Sydney with Halicat I was really keen to see a new species of whale. Which wasn’t not too much to ask for, given that the only whale species I have seen are Humpbacks, Right whales and a pod of Pygmy Killer Whales. The […]

Oct 032013
Snow leopard inspires unique alliances between science and religion in Tibet

Science and religion have historically been at odds as they offered competing views of the world. But now, in the age of rapidly expanding human population and just as rapidly disappearing biodiversity some unlikely alliances are being formed in order to protect one of the world’s most charismatic felines – the snow leopard. A study […]

Sep 192013
Birds and frogs of Bowra Sanctuary

A sudden cold snap in Sydney this weekend provided a good reason to stay indoors and to catch up on some trip reports. In May 2012 I had the opportunity to visit AWC’s Bowra Sanctuary in southern Queensland for a few days. Bowra is an internationally known hotspot for Australia’s threatened birdlife. The 14,000 hectares […]

Aug 142013
Beaches without people

Australia’s Top End beaches are off limits for swimming. And for a good reason. If a Saltwater crocodile won’t get you, a Box jellyfish probably will. As a result, in contrast to the rest of Australian coastline, Northern Territory beaches are often virtually empty. And what happens if you take people away from the beach? […]

Aug 032013
Iberian lynx may not survive in the changing climate

The Iberian lynx – one of the world’s rarest wild cats may disappear from the face of the earth within the next 50 years, despite millions of dollars spent on conservation efforts. In the early 2000’s the species was already on the brink of extinction with only around 100 animals left in the wild. The […]

Jun 022013
Frogs and other critters of Smiths lake

After being M.I.A. from the Frogs and Tadpoles Study-group (FATS) for precisely 10 years I rejoined the ranks of amphibian aficionados for a 4-day weekend trip to Smiths Lake on the north coast. 10 years ago I visited the lake during a torrential downpour in an attempt to find the elusive Green-eyed tree fog (Litoria […]

Apr 302013
Lost World revealing its stripes

With the ever-increasing globalization and homogenization of our world it is a miracle that some relatively unexplored places are still left on the face of the earth. South Sudan is one such place. Torn by civil wars for the larger part of the past century, the state has only gained its independence in 2011. With […]

Mar 122013
Hidden in plain sight – Frogs and other wildlife of the Watagan Mountains

Stretching along the southern end of the Great Dividing Range, between the Hunter River Catchment and the Tuggerah Lakes, WataganMountains are part of the Eastern Escarpment World Heritage area. Only an hour’s drive north of Sydney, these mountains containpatches of rainforest that trace their origins to the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana. Despite being made up […]

Feb 252013
Wildlife of Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Kangaroo Island is often referred to as ‘Australian Galapagos’. And for a good reason. Because of its isolation, Kangaroo Island is free of many diseases and pest species found on the mainland, providing a much-needed breeding safe heaven to a wide variety of wildlife species. It is a premier eco-tourism destination in Australia that I […]

Feb 242013
Waterbirds and migratory waders of Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic park is one of the best places to see waders and waterbirds in the Greater Sydney environs. At the Waterbird Refuge pond artificial islands have been set up to provide additional habitat for a breeding colony of Black-winged stilts (Himantopus himantopus). In summer months migratory species make their home at this pond before […]