Peter Tait

Peter Tait

Peter Tait is a professional nature guide based at Stewart Island, New Zealand, and he works primarily on Ulva Island Open Sanctuary. Peter has been resident on the Island for over 40 years and was one time Forest Ranger in Charge of Stewart Island. Fishing followed forestry and was in turn followed by Talisker, a 17m charter yacht. He is qualified Skipper Deep Sea Fishing Vessel. In addition to guiding Peter and his wife Iris are hosts at Sails Ashore Lodge.

Mar 282013
Rats, here we go again ???

Last night I was rung by the Local Dept of Conservation Field Manager. She told me DoC had just caught 3 rats on Ulva Island. This is sodisappointing, not that a rat has re-invaded, which was always known would happen but that three were caught over the same trap period. We can only hope that […]

Mar 282013
Whitetailed (Virginia) Deer

What on earth is that thing – Whitetailed or Virginian deer wereliberatedat Port Pegasus in 1905 and rapidly spread throughout the island. Technically a “Noxious Animal” capable of doing considerable damage to forestvegetation, these pretty animals are a much prized by hunters. We see their sign regularly around our road sides, especially on paths to […]

Dec 092012
Fiordland Crested Penguin Visitor

Fiordland Crested Penguin (Eudyptes pachyrhynchus) This morning we had a small visitor in Halfmoon Bay. A friend mentioned there was a Little Blue Penguin on the slipway. Well my photo library for Little Blues is not brilliant, even though they are the most common of our species, so off I went with the camera. What […]

Nov 222012
Robins after the Ulva Island Rat Eradication

A couple of days ago while on Ulva Island with guests we met up Robin researcher Cayley again. She was busy as usual tracking Robins, who at this time of year are in the middle of nesting. She had just fed a male, who in turn was busy chatting up a female. We had a […]

Nov 032012
Drunken Hoons

Kaka Drunk on Eucalyptus Blossom – Kaka are a constant presence around our home, and provide us and our guests endless amusement. They always seem to have time on their “wings” and appear to spend more time enjoying them selves rather than foraging as other species do. Eucalyptus – there are many Eucalytus trees around […]

Oct 252012
Seabirds & Fishboats (eventually)

Across the Straits A couple of days ago I took our boat over to Bluff to collect a load of diesel fuel. The distance is about 22 miles, wharf to wharf, and Foveaux Straits has the reputation of being an unpleasant stretch of water. Its a well deserved reputation, being quite shallow, with significant tidal […]

Oct 182012
Stewart Island.. The Worlds Largest Predator Free Environment ??

New Zealand And Introduced Predators As far as I am aware only New Zealand and Hawaii were mammal free lands before the arrival of human beings, and as such have very real issues with some of the mammalian species which have since arrived, either as accidental or later regretted introductions. Because of course our ecosystems […]

Sep 302012
Spring & Gluttony

It’s hard not to enjoy a lift in spirits in spring, particularly with the new life that appears. I grew up on a Southland sheep farm, and lambing was my favorite time of year, even though the weather could make it physically demanding at times. Well I’m long past that, but even now watching new […]

Sep 032012
Fantails, Spring and Other Things.

Our daughter Anne is down from Auckland visiting with Eddie, her Border Terrier. She and Eddie are great walkers, and for my sins I get dragged along. The afternoon started with Iris, Anne & I plus Eddie and our own two Borders … a real procession … doing my rat trapping round. This is a […]