Nic Slocum

Nic Slocum

Nic Slocum is an experienced naturalist and wildlife guide and is best known for his escorted tours taking enthusiasts out, both in Ireland and overseas, to view and photograph whales and dolphins. Nic maintains a lifelong passion for using the written word to promote the conservation of our wildlife and wild places and has appeared as an expert commentator on both radio and TV. A zoologist by training, Nic has published articles on conservation related issues in regional and national newspapers. Nic is a director of Whale Watch West and Whales World

Jul 072012
Squacco heron in Norfolk

Rare squacco heron flies in to WWT Welney July 2012. Birders have been gathering at WWT Welney in Norfolk this week to see an extremely rare squacco heron. The reason why it has turned up in the UK is unknown as these birds normally spend the summer in Southern Europe. This record is the second […]

Jun 292012
Unusual tern settled in Llanelli, Wales

Squally weather blows rare gull-billed tern off course to WWT Llanelli June 2012. Birders are flocking (Why do birders always flock? Why don’t they migrate, slime or even ponce?) to WWT NationalWetland Centre Wales at Llanelli to see an extremely rare gull-billed tern who has taken up residence. It is thought the recent squally weather […]

Jun 262012
Lonesome George finally dies...

A lumbering giant Galapagos tortoise known as Lonesome George lifts his head up during a walk in his protected home in the island chain in Puerto Ayora this February. Lonesome George was the last remaining tortoise of his kind and a conservation icon Photo: (c) Stringer/Files Lonesome George, the last remaining tortoise of his kind […]

Jun 152012
New Species of Bird Identified in Colombia

World’s most bird bio diverse country increases its lead! June 2012. With more than 1880 species, Colombia has the highest number of recorded bird species of any country, and this week Colombian ornithologists have unveiled the discovery of a brand new endemic species of bird, the Antioquia Wren. The new species of Wren (Thryophilus Sernai) […]

Jun 142012
Climate Change May Kill Off 900 Bird Species By 2100

Matt MacGillivray/CC BY 2.0.The resplendent quetzal faces increased competition from other birds and drier habitat due to global warming. You might think birds, of allanimals, could just pick up and move if their environment changes in a way not to their liking, but global warming poses a very real threat to the avian world: Scientists […]

Jun 082012
California condors numbers pass the 400 mark for the first time for 100 years

226 free flying condors May 2012. California condor numbers have crept above 400 for the first time since they teetered on the verge of extinction. There are currently 226 wild flying condors, 125 in California, 80 in Arizona and a small population of 21 in Baja Mexico. Of these birds, 29 fledged in the wild, […]

Jun 062012
Bird-Friendly Wind Power

Bird collisions have been one of the primary negatives of the recent growth in wind power across the United States and beyond. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) estimates that almost a half million birds are killed each year in the U.S. by wind turbines. “Birds can die in collisions with the turbine blades, […]

Jun 032012
UK Backs Down on Buzzard Destruction Plan

The UK has quicklybacked downonplans to control buzzardsafter an outcry which included a2,500 signature strong Care2 petition. The plan was to spend £375,000 (US $586,000) on capturing Buzzards and destroying their nests to see whether this reduces their consumption of young Pheasants (or Poults), which are reared in their millions to be shot on game […]

Jun 012012
Sea Eagles Poisoned and Shot in Ireland

Minister Deenihan condemns killing of White- tailed Eagles in Mayo and Donegal May 2012. Irish minister Jimmy Deenihan, has condemned the apparent poisoning of White tailed Eagles in Mayo and another recently in Donegal. Satellite tag The young Mayo eagle, which had been released in Killarney National Park in 2010, was carrying a satellite tag […]

May 282012
North Atlantic right whale spotted off Cornwall?

North Atlantic right whales are usually found off the East Coast of USA. Cornish mystery whale could be one or the most endangered species- scientists appeal for more sightings May 2012. Sightings of a large whale off the Cornish coast near Lizard Point are causing a stir amongst scientists who say it could have been […]

May 112012
Iceland abandons Fin whale hunt - For now

IFAW welcomes end to Fin whaling in Iceland May 2012. TheInternational Fund for Animal Welfare(IFAW) has welcomed the news that Iceland has called an end to the cruel practice of harpooning endangered Fin whales. Kristjan Loftsson, the lone Icelandic whaler responsible for killing 280 Fin whales over the last six years (Seven Fin whales were […]