British trophy hunters slay ‘at risk’ zebras for fun and post sickening photographs of themselves grinning alongside the slaughtered animals on Facebook

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British trophy hunters have been slaying ‘at risk’ in before posting photographs of the slaughtered animals online, it has been revealed.

The grinning tourists share the sickening images to social media after embarking on expensive ‘hunt’ safaris across the vast African plains.

Andy Denson (pictured) poses with a zebra he appeared to have shot and killed on a ‘’ tour in South Africa

One ‘trophy hunter’, Andy Denson, who is believed to be a tour operator, posed with a zebra he appeared to have shot and killed in an image posted to Facebook, the Mirror reported.

Dozens of sick images of hunters with fallen zebras have also been featured on the ‘gallery’ pages of safari websites.

Andy Denson (pictured) poses with a zebra he appeared to have shot and killed on a ‘hunting’ tour in South Africa

British tourist Peter Livesey is among those who appear on the Huntershill Safari website. He poses with a hunting rifle in one hand, and his other resting on his kill.

Taking to the guestbook of the website, he wrote: ‘Never had so much fun with my pants on!!!’.

Despite this, the plains zebra is not listed under the ‘buck available for hunting’ on theHuntershill Safari website – though it does note ‘tailor-made packages’ are available.

Wealthy tourists pay up to $9500 (£7730) for safari trips, which last as long as ten days and guarantee a number of kills on a 55,000 acre ‘game farm’.

British tourist Peter Livesey (pictured) was among those featured on the Huntershill Safari website
Another tourist holds a rifle in her hands as she stands over her kill in a sick souvenir shot

Zebras were added to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s ‘red list’ of endangered species three years ago, after the population reduced by 24 per cent in 14 years.

In 2016, the IUCN estimated the global population of the ‘near threatened’ plains zebra to be between 150,000 and 250,000. It is now believed to be as little as34,979, the Mirror reported.

But despite the dwindling numbers, it is not illegal to hunt the animal on the South African plains.

Government officials are, however, now attempting to ban the import of endangered body parts to the UK. This move would also stop the import of exotic furs and rugs.

Minister for International Wildlife Zac Goldsmith said: ‘I look at the photos and it turns my stomach.’

In August, Boris Johnson’s partner Carrie Symonds hit out at ‘cruel and cowardly’ British tourists who pay thousands to go on African trophy hunts and shoot animals including elephants, zebras and giraffes.

She took to Twitter to slam the hunters – who can choose to kill an animal from a list of 65 species including £1,666 extra to shoot a giraffe and £6,422 for a hippo.

She said: ‘Can you imagine the hunters below fighting these majestic beasts without needing to hide behind a rock and without needing to use a massive gun?

Government officials are attempting to ban the import of endangered body parts to the UK (Pictured: a taxidermy zebra head)
Plains zebras were added to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s ‘red list’ of endangered species three years ago (Pictured: a British trophy hunter with his kill)

This article was first published by The Mail Online on 29 September 2019.

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Christine Saranchuk
Christine Saranchuk

I cannot understand why these loser’s faces are blocked. They should be known everywhere. If they are so proud of their murders then they should be known everywhere.

Irene Leggett
Irene Leggett

How I wish every possible illness or disaster onto these vile, depraved, sick, psychotic POS. The only good hunter is a DEAD hunter, with their brain-less head stuck on the wall as a trophy, with their body parts and bones crushed to make fake medicines and their skin stripped off to make handbags, shoes or wallets.

Rose Miras

Absolutely disgusting scum!!

Luciano José de Frcoutinho


Donna DeHaan

ABSOLUTE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adams Lilian

Kill the bastards, they dont deserve to breath the same air as these gorgeous creatures, they are pure scum. that the world can do without.

Judy Flanagan

Shoot the hunters.

Donna Gustafson

Monsters need the same treatment

Peter Jennings
Peter Jennings

Humans . Nightmare species

Elvira Paris Walker

Die mf

Maria Anna Mavromichalis

evil piece of crap i hope someone hunts him & makes him suffer!!!!!!!

Suzanna Andrea


Suzanna Andrea

another dark dark post

Deane Walker Goodall

that zebra doesn’t look dead.

Joan Faszczewski

Stupid what he did. I hope he gets chase buy a lion.

Julie Speck

Hope he trips on his gun and shoots himself in the head.

Blaženka Križan

Heartless horse racing and all sorts of horse abuse, brutal murdering cows, wolves, camels, laboratories for testing on animals, bull fighting, dog fighting, animal skinning, aligator and elephant torturing, cat and dog cooking, pig scalding, hunting tigers and lions…
Dear God, please, plant mercy, empathy and love into our heart and soul!

Arlene Orlando

POS human coward

Marina Fabel

Kill him no mercy

Annabell Ewing

so cruel I hate them trophy hunters

Ada Natal

Cowards…piece of shits

Yvonne Davis


Karen Lyons Kalmenson

With all our techno toys and pretension of modernity, we as a species are still basically heartless and savage.

Myra Egan

shared and tweeted. I wish these hunters would just hunt each other, then they would have something to grin about. These poor animals were not put on this earth for them to murder. I wish nothing but bad luck and karma to come to them all. Wake up and ban hunting.

Izzy Otxra

What idiot

Heidi Tonce



It makes me ashamed to be British. These barbarians should be treated the same way as Brits that go to fight for terrorist groups (because that’s what they are, – terrorists – – they kill defenceless animals) and not be allowed back in the country. We don’t need people like this in the UK!

Arlene Steinberg
Arlene Steinberg

Diane, I have a friend of British heritage who assures me that the people doing this killing are the privileged upper classes, often with royal connections. It is the regular, common British citizen who is working to stop this through animal rights and anti-hunting organizations.

Susie English

Hope these dirty savages never make it home

Wayne Isles

How fkn brave, shoot a horse….

James Chitty

don’t think god put them on earth to be murdered.

James Chitty

so sad a human would do in the end.