Chinese consumers urged to be wary what they eat during New Year festivities

TRAFFIC is advising consumers to be especially vigilant in the lead up to Chinese New Year to minimise their consumption of threatened wildlife species. “During Chinese New Year, friends and families gather to celebrate and exchange gifts, but some of the wildlife products consumed at this time are from highly threatened species, and we urge […]

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A Win For The Cranes

Kentucky fish and wildlife officials say they are not disappointed that Kentucky hunters killed only 50 sandhill cranes — far less than the 400-bird limit they had set — during a controversial 30-day hunting season that ended Sunday. Actually, they should feel not only disappointed but ashamed. This was an ill-advised and unjustifiable effort to […]

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Talking with a Pale-Billed Woodpecker

Magnificent and elusive, the Campephilus woodpeckers include the Ivory-billed and Imperial woodpeckers, which may be extinct, and the Pale-billed Woodpecker, which still haunt the forests of Costa Rica today. Join the experience as scientists Martjan Lammertink and Chris Saker search for this little-known species in a tropical forest, using a wooden “double-knocker” as their most […]

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