Cedar Waxwings Binge on Blueberries

Cedar Waxwings Binge on Blueberries

Like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, The Birds, birds are threatening this season’s Florida blueberries. In the 1963 movie, thousands of birds seemingly for no reason begin attacking people in a small town along the northern California coast.

In Florida this year, errant cedar waxwings, which like eating berries, are attacking fields of blueberries. Growers are firing propane-powered cannons to startle the birds from becoming comfortable in the fields so they won’t devour their crops.

Cedar Waxwings Binge on Blueberries
Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum) – Photo ex New-Jersey-Birds.com

Read full article, which was written by Doug Ohlemeier and published by The Packer.com

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