Hunter Who Gunned Down 5,000 Elephants Brags About ‘Thrill’

At least one trophy hunter, it seems, is admitting what we already knew: gives him a “great thrill.” Ron Thomson of has purportedly slaughtered thousands of animals, including 40 leopards, 50 hippos, 60 lions, 800 buffaloes, and 5,000 elephants. And he admits that he “didn’t have any sentiment” and is “totally unrepentant.”

Thomson said in an interview, “I’ve done enough in my lifetime to satisfy any ‘bloodlust’ people may think I have.”

Hunter Who Gunned Down 5,000 Elephants Brags About ‘Thrill’

But his statement begs the question: What kind of bloodlust drives a man to gun down nearly 6,000 animals who were minding their own business?

Thomson brags online about spending “25,000 hours in pursuit of African elephants, buffaloes and black rhinos” and claims that he once killed 32 elephants in just 15 minutes.

Of course, he trotted out hunters’ favorite old line about “conservation” to justify the slayings (as if endangered species need hunters them). Researchers estimate that there are only about 400,000 African elephants, less than 130,000 hippos, and around 5,000 black rhinos left on Earth.

With hunters in the picture, their numbers will only keep plummeting.


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This article was first published by on 10 Apr 2019.

Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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