Nov 152013

“Midway Atoll is a collection of three small islands in the North Pacific, and one of the most remote places on earth… located near the apex of what is being called the Pacific Garbage Patch, a swirling soup of millions of tons of plastic pollution. In fact, much of this plastic can not be seen at all, but it can’t be avoided as it comes ashore on these pristine beaches and in the stomachs of the birds.”

National Geographic explains:

“Anocean gyre is a circular oceancurrent formed by the Earth’swind patterns and the forces created by therotationof theplanet. The area in the center of a gyre tends to be very calm and stable. The circular motion of the gyre draws indebris. Debris eventually makes its way into the center of the gyre, where it becomes trapped and builds up. A similar garbage patch exists in the Atlantic Ocean, in the North Atlantic Gyre.

“Plastic products can be very harmful to marine life in the gyre. For instance,loggerhead sea turtles often mistake plastic bags forjellyfish. And many marine mammals and birds, such asalbatrosses, have become strangled by the plastic rings used to hold six-packs of soda together… As microplastics and other trash collect on the surface of the ocean, they block sunlight from reachingplankton andalgae below.”

Dead Albatross by Chris Jordan – where disposable lighters end up

Some readers might be familiar with the film’s director, Chris Jordan, from hisstunning images of excess. He is a master of bringing numbers into perspective. From cigarette butts to mushroom clouds, Jordan brings our attention to the urgency of changing our behavior and, by extension, our world.

Dead Albatross by Chris Jordan

As the film’s narrator, Jordan eloquently poses a question that leaves me, for one, wondering.

Do we have the courage to face the realities of our time? To allow ourselves to feel deeply enough that it transforms us and our future?

More information and videoclips can be found on the Journey to Midway website.

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Cat Vincent
Chris, Ken, Mark, personally, as a 'lay person' who has heard of these vast areas of rubbish but has no scientific expertise regarding the reasons they develop and their impact on the wildlife, I am grateful for anything which widens my knowledge. To say birds will 'kill themselves' suggests that is the birds silly fault. It is MAN who's idiocy and carelessness is destroying our planet, bit by bit. If my conscience is touched- or that of anyone I share it with , then the film maker has achieved something of value and one less bit of plastic might be… Read more »
Mark McCandlish
Chris, While I respect your point of view and skepticism regarding the film maker's motives, I think you ought to take a little time to walk the beaches around the Pacific rim since the tsunami at Fukushima, Japan. The debris swept out to sea by that disaster is spreading all across the ocean– not to mention the radioactivity that is following close behind. Recent reports by sailors crossing the Pacific detail vast dead areas of what was once a body of water teaming with life. These things do touch the conscience of wildlife lovers and it touches mine.
Ken Billington

Chris, our posting of any article on our blog does not mean that we necessarily condone the content of the article.

Thanks for bringing this to our and our readers attention. i.e. the fact that the film was sponsored by Fractured Atlas.

Chris Hallamore
I have seen this video before and studied it very carefully. Yes the plastic is horrendous but watch the film carefully and you will see thousands of healthy birds. Some birds (a tiny percentage) inexplicably kill themselves eating the wrong thing. Ostriches will also do this; It is not caused by lack of food. This film is all about soliciting donations to Midway (Midway is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. ).!!???Google it for more information The photographer didn’t devote his skills to filming healthy birds because this wouldn’t bring him an income. This is… Read more »

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