iPhone app allows Americans to identify backyard birds

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A new iPhone app enables North Americans to identify bird species by asking just five simple questions. The free app, released this week by the , uses data from a citizen-science project called eBird that helps rapidly narrow down a bird species based on the location and time of year.

No app needed: the .

“We named the app ‘Merlin’ because of its uncanny, almost magical, way of guessing which bird you saw,” said Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Jessie Barry, whose team developed the app together with Birds in the Hand, a software developer. “This type of precision is only possible because bird watchers report their sightings to eBird from locations across North America every day of the year.”

Merlin currently includes 285 birds from North America. Barry’s team is working to add more species.


Merlin is but one of dozens of new apps used for identifying species. Some, like WeBIRD, function as a Shazam for birds, recognizing them by their calls. Others cue off the physical description of species. Researchers now are working to develop apps that would enable a camera-phone user to snap a shot of a species and have it automatically recognized.

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Gift Gana

A “bird song identification app” is now reality. My company, Avelgood Apps, has
developed a mobile phone app called Twigle that can record several seconds of the bird singing and finds close matches. It is going to be released later on in March 2014 and will be free to download. You can read more about Twigle on our website
http://www.twigle.it and also like us on our Facebook page to get updates on
Twigle’s launch; https://www.facebook.com/avelgood


Gift Gana
CEO – Avelgood Apps

Thom Proehl

The link takes you to a $3.99 Cornell Lab App

Thom Proehl

This app is NOT free!