Karma? Another Trophy Hunter Has Been Killed by an Elephant

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April 2017: Scott Van Zyl, owner of a facility in South Africa and an organizer of trophy-hunting African safaris, is eaten by the crocodiles he’d intended to kill in .

May 2017: Theunis Botha, a friend of Van Zyl and the owner of another South African hunting facility, is crushed to death by an when he and his fellow trophy hunters surprise a breeding herd at a private hunting ranch in Zimbabwe.

August 2017: Karma strikes for the third time this year. While hunting in a private wildlife reserve in Namibia, Jose Monzalvez of Argentina is trampled by an elephant.

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Monzalvez, who worked for an oil company, along with another Argentinian and three Namibians had been following a herd of elephants Aug. 12 at Farm Mopane, about 43 miles northwest of the small town of Kalkfeld. Before they were able to aim their guns at their intended prey, one of the elephants spotted them from a distance, according to Otjozondjupa regional police spokeswoman Maureen Mbeha.

The elephant charged the trophy hunters, who tried to run away. Monzalvez wasn’t fast enough and was trampled. This apparently wasn’t the first time Monzalvez had attempted to kill big game – Mbeha said he was “a professional hunter who had a hunting permit with him.”

Because of hunting, and loss of their habitat due to development, the population of African elephants – the largest animals walking the Earth — has dwindled from 3 to 5 million in the early 1900s to only about 415,000 today. Yet in 2004, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) changed the status of this species from “endangered” to the less critical “vulnerable.”

are likely to go extinct very soon, while vulnerable species have a lower risk of disappearing, giving us a better chance to intervene and save them,” the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) explains.

Trophy hunters like to boast that they are doing just that: Helping to save vulnerable and endangered species while at the same time providing money to impoverished communities. A 2015 Safari Club International Foundation report claimed the sport “provides important economic opportunities for many areas where other common forms of income are limited.”

However, a study earlier this year by Humane Society International (HSI) contradicted the Safari Club’s report. Not surprisingly, HSI found that in Africa provides little economic benefit and does not lead to effective conservation.

“It’s time to stop pretending that slaughtering big game and posing for morbid selfies by their slain bodies is anything more than for kicks,” said Masha Kalinina, an international trade policy specialist for HSI, when the study was released in February.

Although it’s very unlikely, here’s hoping that karma striking three times this year proves to be the charm as far as dissuading anyone from practicing this cruel “sport.” In the meantime, please sign and share the Care2 petition to end trophy hunting.

This article was first published by Care2.com on 17 Aug 2017.


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Kathleen Donnafield

YES! Unfortunately, the numbers of trophy hunters killed by wild creatures in rare. The numbers of wild creatures felled by humans armed with their man-made vile weapons, is astronomical. I say ‘even the odds by demanding a trophy hunter go into the wild unarmed.’ We all know that would immediately bring an end to the horrid SPORT of slaughtering sentient beings to be taxidermied and displayed in one’s own home or office!

Jenell Sawyer
Jenell Sawyer

Karma.Thats 3 down, died at what they loved to do. Killing large innocent animals minding their own business for greed and showing off. They were finally put in their places

Alison Moanique

what a fitting end to a big game hunter!

Tim.H Walker
Tim.H Walker

I’m with wild things that run free.

Michele Jankelow

So love it when nature takes charge of natural justice!

Leigh Lofgren

I think it high time the guns were turned on the hunters, those who run these camps, the people who help them, poachers and everyone else who kills any of these animals – lions, giraffes, cheetahs, leopards and all! There is no such thing as sport when it comes to killing and these ‘canned’ hunts are disgusting and shame on the countries who allow this.

george mira

I have the unfortunate experience of having known a person who guided “big game” hunting in AK. While he’s a rather model human in his affection for family, honesty and working skills, there is an odd gap, like a black hole where his capacity to even think about the validity of the life of another animal. Because I lived with a wolf for most of the time I knew him, he approached that Wolf as if he were a dog, which these larger-brained and very astute intelligences are not. The human often asked me why the wolf was not responsive,… Read more »

Anda Z
Anda Z

The correct question should be: ‘who do you eat?’ not ‘what do you eat?’. I for one, don’t eat anyone. I am an ethical vegan and by being so, I believe I am on ‘the right path’. No one needs to die for my survival and for my healthy life. A guilt-free life. 🙂

Gwendoline Merrick


Karen Lyons Kalmenson

teehee sorry sucka!!!!!

Theresa Kemp

It doesn’t happen often enough to my mind. If the ‘game’ were supposedly fair then you would get 50% of all ‘trophies’ being mankind. Sadly this is not the case. My mother, rest her soul, always told me “what goes around, comes around” which is what people call karma these days. It may happen instantly, it may take years, but it will come back at you. So if you don’t care for it back then don’t give out in the first place. Killing for fun can never be acceptable to those not afflicted by greed, selfishness and extreme ignorance. These… Read more »

Robert Piller

A Song For Deceased Hunters!


Kathleen Donnafield

I LIKE IT and I SHARED IT ON FB. It isn’t going to make those trophy hunters who may see it happy, but do I care? Not at all. In my own country, Trump’s own two eldest boys, Donny and Eric, are trophy hunters but they call themselves conservationists. Animal lovers who work to actually save the wild are conservationists, not those who slaughter for their own enjoyment. Vile are the black souls of humans!

Anne Grice

Evil will follow evil! Good riddance to scums! Mother nature should not be messed with! The killer was obviously out of condtion!

Lois Carol Wessels

Retribution is often Karma driven!!!!!!

Wendé Anne Maunder

The man got his just desserts. All canned trophy hunting should be banned.